Magento come-up with new community and enterprise version that bring an assortment of features to boost users experience and make their business grow.

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Magento Community Edition

The all new version of Magento Enterprise as well as Magento Community Edition has been launched at the 2014 Global Imagine Ecommerce Conference in Las Vegas. The release of newest versions of Magento Enterprise Edition (version 1.14) and Community Edition (version 1.9) bring numerous features for all the Magento users that help them in managing Magento based websites more efficiently.

When it comes to the features of both new editions, they provide features like Cross-Border Trade, PayPal Express Check-out Enhancements, Responsive Reference Design Theme, Bill Me Later as a payment option and more.

Earlier versions of community and enterprise edition got huge response from merchants and the Magento community; therefore, it is clear that the new versions will also get huge response and help clients to sell more and serve their customers better.

Users can enjoy a comprehensive range of features that boost the performance and scalability of this platform and help brands and retailers to instantly serve a wonderful shopping experience. Without discussing more, we can have a look on the features of these new editions:

Enhancements in PayPal Express Check-out

Both Magento as well as PayPal are expanding their partnership in order to offer creative new solutions to Magento users. The all new enhanced PayPal Express check-out enables Magento merchants to provide a streamlined check-out experience. It also tries alternative payment options automatically when the customer’s credit card is declined. Moreover, it also boosts the conversion rates and sales of the business.

Responsive Web Design Template

As we all know that the new responsive design reference theme is developed on highly modern technologies, including HTML5, jQuery and CSS3, and it also incorporates some best practices for mobile websites.

For all the platforms simple to complex, Magento web development becomes a lot easier. With this new feature, all the retailers and merchants can easily obtain a smart-phone or tablet friendly responsive website in a very least time as compare to the time of accelerating.

It is also best for increasing sales and conversion rates. Therefore, merchants are allowed to participate in the mobile commerce space and make use of latest technologies that are less expensive. With the help of Google advisable approach to mobile-optimizing sites, it offers latent SEO advantages.

Bill Me Later as a Payment Option

Bill Me Later is a PayPal service that is extremely useful for retailers to capture 18% more sales by providing customers access to financing so that users can easily purchase now and pay later without paying nay hidden costs.

The best part of this feature is that its integration offers enormous benefits that help users to promote a new serving allowing them to sell more merchandise and boost repeat purchases.

Cross Border Trade

Cross-Border Trade is also known as Price Consistency and it is one such feature that added to support merchants serving customers around international borders. With cross border trade, merchants can present a single price to customers in any part of the world without any tax rates that are applied across regions and geographies.

With it, users can get complete control over their website and display price as per their want. However, the price is spotless and neat instead of any tax structures and rates that vary from as per the country.

Compatible with PHP 5.4

The all new editions offer better performance and memory usage through compatibility with PHP 5.4.

So, these are some of the major features of the Magento community (version 1.9) and Magento enterprise (version 1.14) that boost experience of Magento users.

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