According to lots of users as well as experts, Microsoft/Nokia making an Android smart-phone is one of the biggest moves for the company, and this biggest move can help company to earn more profit.

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Leading Android Company

In the recent Microsoft as well as Android debate, both the audience and the judge agreed with that Microsoft/Nokia making Android Phone is one of the smartest moves for the company. But, what about Microsoft?

Is this company can give Samsung a run for its money as a leading and top Android company in the market? We can say that the company (Microsoft) has a great chance to become a top android company. Let’s consider some major reasons why Microsoft can become a leading android company?

Android Already Ruling The Market:
Currently, Android holds approximately 78% of the global smart-phone market as per the IDC’s latest fourth-quarter ranking report. Android is one such platform that occupies about 95% of the market share when it compares to iOS.
When it comes to Microsoft, it constantly goes down, but no one knows the reason. Hence, Microsoft is going to head-up with Android that is not much surprise news to know.

Microsoft already Made Huge Profit from Android Platform:
Recently, it is estimated that Microsoft has made about $3.4 billion in the year of 2013 from Android sales through its different patent agreements. For instance, if you are deeming Microsoft’s entertainment and devices (EDD), the revenue figures are not much encouraging.

But the company acquired Nokia; it can do well and make ten times more money The major fact is that unlike other android competitors, Microsoft is not going to pay for its own patent fees, so the margin of profit will of course be much higher.

Microsoft/Android Offers Exception benefits Compare to its Competitors:
There are lots of android device makers, who are working extremely hard to stay ahead in the market. For example, some of the well-known makers are resorting to add bloatware that we are not very tender of personally. They are design their own custom interface that is extremely surprising as it doesn’t look different in any way compare to others in the market.

When it comes to Microsoft, the company is known for offering real software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) alternatives to Google’s offerings. However, Microsoft is providing Outlook rather than Gmail, Office 365 Instead of Google Docs and OneDrive rather than Google Drive.

More Number of Applications, More Number of Developers:
When it comes to compare the number of applications and developers in the case of Android as well as Microsoft, there is a huge difference between them. Currently, Google Play store has more than one million applications and still it is counting whereas Windows Phone just passed 200000 applications. So, we can say that there are more numbers of android developers in the market. Microsoft is looking to channel them for its own good.

So, these are the four major reasons why Microsoft can become a top and leading Android company? And, if the company gives a serious push to MS-Android devices, it can earn more and more money per phone compare to its competitors.

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