Rovio brings the more exciting and interesting Angry Birds GO! games for its players after ever-exciting flick-and-throw type animated game-play, Angry bird for iOS device users.

Download and win the race from pesky pigs.



This time, Rovio brings the most interesting and brand new Mario Kart-like game, Angry Birds GO! after its iconic flick-and-throw type animated game-play. The tough ongoing battle between the winged warriors and pesky pigs is out in this game. Playing Angry Birds GO!, players can find ‘breakneck speed’ downhill racing on Piggy Island in the first three-dimensional version of the series for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The battle begins with the Crash Bandicoot-style jalopies impoverished to the front of a massive sling shoot from which they are concurrently lunged. It is the first for the iconic series that allows you to race with pigs or birds in crazy, downhill race to the finish. While playing game, gamers have to challenge as Terence, Stella, King Pig, Red, Chuck, Moustache Pig and many interesting players.

Not only this, you can have to go through various stunt roads and racetracks, including off-road courses and air courses, face unexpected challenges at the time of rivals out using the sole powers of your character. Players can also have upgrades that they can earn or can play through the old-fashioned way through in-app purchases (price ranges from about $1.99 to $49.99). Access this game to “TOONS.TV”, where Angry Birds cartoons episodes are telecasted.

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