Microsoft Band" and "Apple Watch" have gained huge popularity in the market, but it seems that Microsoft's Band will beat-out the Apple Watch due to its thinner look and rich features.


Microsoft Band Beat The Apple

The first device that powered by Microsoft Health ‘Microsoft Band’ is especially designed to help you achieve your wellness aims by tracking your heart rate, sleep quality, calorie burn and steps. This high-end device can help users to be more productive with email previews, and calendar alerts right on your wrist.

The all-new Microsoft Band from Microsoft is considered as a take on fitness and wearables as like Apple Watch. This excellent device means to be a constant companion and a simple way to stay informed of the latest messages without pulling out your smartphone.

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Generally, both the device Apple’s Watch and Microsoft’s Band come with a lot of built-in fitness applications and options too. When it comes to talking about the Microsoft health, it is a new and impressive service that can help people to live healthier life by offering actionable perceptions based on data collected from the fitness devices.

The service is especially designed to work for you; it doesn’t matter what type of phone you have, device you are wearing and services you are using. With Microsoft Health, it becomes a lot easier and holistic to track personal fitness.

Let’s have a look that how will Microsoft Band will beat-out Apple’s Watch:

Apple Watch vs. Microsoft Band – Design


We all know that both these devices go on your wrists and enable you to do a lot of things that any normal watch can never do. This being said that the Apple Watch and the Microsoft Band are completely different.

One can easily observe these differences. You can just have a look on both. The major of the Apple Watch is a machined aluminum rectangle with curbed edges. However, the direct specs and features like display size, weight and more depend on the version, which users are selecting.

Moreover, there are leather and stainless still band alternatives are also for the mid-range Apple watch that begins at $549.99. The all-new Microsoft Band is everything, and the best thing about it that it is an individual as a wearable can be.

Well, users will get this high-end device only in one-color – black because Microsoft preferred to keep the style simple. In spite of a square or circular one, the device has a rectangular display. The company always preferred to keep its style as simple as possible.

Apple Watch vs. Microsoft Band – Internals & Apps


When you consider to the internals, the differences of these two devices are even more noticeable. Microsoft’s Band squashes an optical heart rate sensor, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, skin temperature sensor, ambient light sensor, capacitive sensor, galvanic skin response monitor and more.

All these sensors are available so that Microsoft Band can easily track fitness activity. For instance, GPS sensor enables you to track and run without necessarily having to carry across the smartphones. Through Bluetooth 4.0, Microsoft Band communicates with Android, iOS and Windows Phone with the Microsoft health application.

You would find a lot of applications that can be used for running, tracking sleep, instructed work outs and heart rate monitoring. The device also has some of the productivity features, including weather, caller ID, Email, Facebook, Twitter, Timer, notifications, Facebook Messenger and Calendar.

The Apple Watch only has particular sensors, including an accelerometer, heart rate sensor, barometer, gyroscope and more. There is a touch screen, but you will also find a crown that enables users to navigate the interface.

Last Thoughts:


We are here not to decide that which one is the best – Apple Watch and Microsoft Band. Which one you should purchase is mainly depended on what type of experience you are looking for.

Today, Microsoft Band is the first fitness band that is meant as the best companion to a workout. The device only costs $199 and gets 48 hours of battery life that make it is must to have a device for people, who love to do work-out.

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