Microsoft is reportedly offering a free version of Windows 8.1 that comes with its own services.

The company is going to offer a free version to convince users to upgrade to the latest version.

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Free Version of Windows Phone 8.1

As we all know that Microsoft has planned to launch Windows 8.1 operating system in the next month, but the company is reportedly considering offering a free version of Windows 8.1 that will come with its own services to help boost take-up of the new OS.

To convince customers to upgrade to the latest version, the company has planned to offer Windows 8.1 version for free. Moreover, the new version that is known as Windows with Bing might be given away at a developers’ conference in April, as per the reports.

When it comes to main reason behind offering a free version of Windows 8.1, the assumption is that by offering a free version of Windows 8.1, all the users of Windows Xp, Vista and 7 can finally be convinced to upgrade their computers or laptops. The company is hoping to balance its huge amount of loss by convincing more and more users towards services such as Office, Bing and OneDrive. It also comes to know that Microsoft is also considering to make a free version of Windows 8.1 for smart-phones users.

“Microsoft is currently experimenting with a free version of Windows 8.1 that could boost the number of people using the operating system” according to media reports.

Currently, the company is building Windows 8.1 with Bing, which is one such version that would have more major Microsoft applications and services. However, the company has made numerous changes to Windows 8 so that it will be more appealing for users. Now, the firm is hoping that the new system will make it a lot easier for all those users, who are using touch-screen and it is same across for Microsoft’s phones, tablets and PCs.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer quoted as saying in the Verge “Let’s make it easier to start applications in the way we are used to.”As per the media reports, the company is also going to add the start button that allows you to boot straight to the desktop. However, Ballmer also said “the firm was not abandoning its start menu, adding that it was slowly beginning to attract app developers to Windows 8.”

It is also expected that the company will unveil the first major update to Windows 8.1 at its Build Conference that will begin in the month of April. Stay tuned with us to get more information on Windows 8.1 update.

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