Finally, Microsoft's OS team has added code to the next test build of Windows 10 mobile that will enable the release to work on the lots of Windows Phones.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview

These days, Microsoft is only chanting one mantra with the next release of Windows that is the company is looking forward to getting feedback from its customer base on how to make it better that is the main goal behind its Windows Insider Program.

For beta releases, never before Windows customers have been treated to the frequency of updates such as Microsoft has been rolling out for Windows 10.

However, the other mission statement with this Windows release is that the company will unifying the OS to work as one on all the platforms from tablets, smartphones to desktops and notebooks and even Xbox consoles. However, as my esteemed colleague pointed out, Microsoft’s Windows 10 Technical Preview for smart-phones that have been mainly limited than desktop releases.

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Microsoft has historically kept tight successful on Windows Phone devices from a hardware platform standpoint so that they decided to acquire Nokia’s mobile division in an effort to drive he Lumia brand directly. It should make the migration to their next OS a lot easier with all of the hardware platforms that are obtainable for Windows Phone devices.

Moreover, Microsoft has decided to recognize the customer base with little Happy Friday gift this past work week, and the company has declared a lot of Lumia devices that will be getting support for the Windows 10 Technical Preview. Among all the devices, some of are Nokia Lumia 1020, the Lumia 925, the Lumia Icon, Lumia 1520, Lumia 928 and more that are currently popular in the market.

To find complete list of the devices, you can click here. However, the release date is still not decided, just that these are the phones that are supporting in the upcoming release.

Moreover, the company also confirmed that the divider stitching feature of Windows 10 will also come in this release that enable the OS to resize the major storage partition on devices without harming earlier data. To boost the offering even to lower-end devices such as the Lumia 600 and 700 series of phones.

Unfortunately, particularly not mentioned for this release are third-party handsets from the likes of HTC, Samsung and more. Still, it is nice to see that Microsoft is concentrating on delivering Windows 10 Technical Preview updates for smart-phones with the same measure that they are bringing to notebooks, desktops and tablets.

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