One interesting news is coming that Microsoft may now bring android applications to Windows Phone as it is like that the company is following the footsteps of BlackBerry.

In this blog, you can find complete information about Microsoft’s plans to bring android apps to Windows and Windows Phone…


Android To Windows Phone 8

Since it’s first launched in the market, Windows Phone 8 is fighting for the first position with its rivals iOS and Android, but Microsoft’s mobile OS is getting a improved in the form of support for Android applications.

In the Windows Phone market, there are lots of good hardware obtainable, but the software of the company has is downfall from very long time. You may find lots of developers, who are priorities iOS as well as Android and we can say that they will because until Microsoft’s mobile OS has a bigger market share.

As per the sources, who are familiar with Microsoft’s, have revealed to The Verge that the company is “seriously considering allowing Android apps to run on both Windows and Windows Phone”. However, it also comes to know that the planning in the early stages and you can get mixed feeling as how Microsoft should go about the move.

There are lots of people at the company, who are believing in allowing Android applications inside the Windows Phone 8 platform, while some are thinking that it could kill both the platforms altogether. Microsoft wanted to control the store that consumers are downloading the android applications from, but it looks like that it is improbable that the company wants to handle an additional platform. If this plan goes ahead, it will need an involvement of third party.

There is one software company ‘BlueStacks’ is one such expecting option as this company allowing android applications on Windows for very long time. After some time, according to one of the close sources, it comes to know that Intel’s plans have specified that the chipmaker has been pushing Microsoft to offer android apps on its platform.

For Microsoft, this is one such step that can do well or break everything as it is depending on how Microsoft goes about the process. When it comes to customers, they need to understand a clear way to run an android app on their device and developed also would need to be created.

We all know that it is something that Blackberry introduced some time to its mobile OS, so without thinking more, we should wait what Microsoft decides to do. It is expecting that the company will officially announce this on the Build Conference in April.

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