An engineer from Microsoft has suggested that the possibility is no longer far-fetched.

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Microsoft Windows Open Source

Recently, we heard the news from a Microsoft executive, who has brought up the possibliy that the company eventually may turn Windows into an open-source product. However, it is not going to happen anytime soon, but if it does it may only be parts of the OS, which will be obtainable as open source.

Mark Russinovich, the chief technology officer for Microsoft’s Azure division, has raised the potential of an open sourced Windows while a panel at this week’s ChefCon conference in Silicon Valley, California, as per the InfoWorld.

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He said, “Panel moderator Cade Metz, business editor at Wired, asked Russinovich if Windows itself might eventually be made open source, which elicited loud applause from the audience. “It’s definitely possible,” Russinovich responded. “Like I said, it’s a new Microsoft.” The company is having every conversation that could be imagined about what to do with its software and services.”

What you think that the company will really make such a big move with its OS? Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, who has huge experience covering Microsoft with numerous inside contacts at the company, thinks the truth is little horny:

“My bet: Microsoft might open source more pieces of Windows, the way it’s doing with .Net, but not the whole ball of tangled OS code.”

We got a clear hint from the engineer at Microsoft’s intentions to make Windows open source that would make the OS a free-of-cost package instead of a premium one.

In his discussion, he also revealed that Microsoft is now following a different approach in order to grab he chunk of its real user base to rival desktop OSes, predominantly Apple’s Mac. However, it is also must mention that Windows 8 was stated a failure by loyalists because of the company said users converting to rival software platforms.

Presently, Microsoft’s Azure cloud service is the best service that enabling users to run Linux within the platform. While discussing he also declared that a minimum of 20% of the world’s computers operates with Linux running across the Azure cloud computing platform.

Apart from this, Linux is rising as the best option for all those businesses, who would not mind running Windows as the secondary platform.

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Currently, Microsoft is mainly foucsing on launching Windows 10, which promises to bring back the iconic stat button and many other impressive features. Users can experience a brand new web browser other than Internet Explorer, provisionary codenamed Spartan that will be offered within Windows 10.

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