The next version of Microsoft’s decades-old operation system ‘Windows 10’ will be launched on 21st January at Press event that held by the company.

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Microsoft Windows Phone 10

Finally, Microsoft is going to launch its Windows 10, the next version of its decade-old operating system, on Wednesday. It seems like that ages before Microsoft has announced its arrival of Windows 10 and all the changes the latest OS will bring to PCs, smartphones and tablets as well.

Now, on 21st January’s Press Event, the company will discuss the future of mobile devices on Windows 10, so there is a lot at bet. It might be a last chance for the company to prove to people that Windows still exist and its matters as well.

As we all know that approximately a decade ago, there were 90% of devices on the Internet that ran Windows. With constant increase of smartphones and tablets, running smart-phone operating systems such as Android and iOS that number is down to 15%. If developers wanted to make money, they had to develop for Windows.

If you are also curiously waiting for Windows 10 and wanted to know what coming in this upcoming OS, you can go through this blog and know about Microsoft’s plans for mobile:

Recently, Microsoft has launched the Phone Insider preview application on its app, enabling all the users to download pre-release OS updates to their phones, directly from Microsoft.

However at this point, only Microsoft employees, who have special access, can test out Windows 10 on their Windows Phone and tablets, but the company is going to open the software up to those, who are signed-up for Microsoft’s special Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Already, the company has issued a Preview for Developers application so that registered Windows Phone Dev Center account people can easily access all the early develops and work-on application updates.

When it comes to talk about the Phone Insider preview application, it is more democratic and precludes the final, official release. The company informed that more than 1.5 million people were registered Windows Insider, capability to access the Windows 10 software in advance.

In December, Microsoft is probable to open up the phone Insider application only to those people, who shortly after the January 21 event.

Windows Tablets & Phones to get One OS

Earlier, tablets as well as smartphones were running on two different versions of the Windows OS, but now those days will be over as the company’s both Windows RT, the tablet OS and Windows Phone, the smartphone OS, will combine into one single OS with Windows 10.

By itself, all the users will get access to complete feature suite Windows 10 no matter what device they are using. You can make use of same application on your tablet if you are capable enough to use an application on your phone. It is one such wonderful experience that Android and iOS users have already experienced, but Windows users will surely love it.

New Office Apps are Coming for Mobile

For iOS and Android devices, Microsoft recently updated its Office app suite, but it also promised to do the same for Windows-based mobile gadgets. The all new native apps are likely to provide complete functionality for free compatibility with Office 365 subscriptions for hard-core users. With the iOS and Android apps, you can get a look of the same crisp user interface.

All Windows 8 Lumia Phones Will Get the Upgrade

However, if you are bothered that the Microsoft will not upgrade your Lumia smart-phone to Windows 10, the company declared that every Lumia smartphone with Windows Phone 8 will get the new OS.

Considered as the most Windows-based smartphones are Lumia, it gives the reason that the maximum number of Windows Phone users will get the update. Some other high-profile companies like HTC, Samsung and other popular Windows smartphone makers will also provide Windows 10 to its customers. It is true that the squash is dependent on your carrier, so some people may get the update earlier than others.

When Will Windows mobile users can get Windows 10?

Many of you all may have question in your mind that the when will Windows mobile users can get Windows 10? Users of Windows mobile can get Windows 10 for mobile in late January. In the second half of 2015, Windows phone users should get it; however some reports hint at a delayed for the fourth quarter of 2015. But let’s wait till January 22 and hear what they to say.

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