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Launches Windows Phone 8.1 Officially

Finally, Microsoft has announced its much-anticipated update “Windows Phone 8.1” that comes with lots of exciting features to make your experience more thrilling. The company has declared its new, voice-activated personal digital assistant for Windows Phone named as Cortana.

It is expected that this biggest move of the company brings Windows Phone on similarity – or may ahead of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. When it comes to Cortana, a voice assistant, it will give tough competition to Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

Over the previous months, we all have heard some rumors and seen leaks, but now it is officially announced by the company. It will be soon available for users on Windows Phone 8.1, so users get ready to try their hands on new Windows Phone 8.1.

Moreover, the users of Cortana will get some more control over how this voice assistant functions and what kind of information it uses. It signifies the main feature of Windows Phone 8.1 that also declared by the company at the event.

The best part of the Cortana is that it can do everything that Siri users are experiencing, including remind you of upcoming events, play music, launch applications, appointments in the calendar, play music, find nearby cafes and restaurants, write SMS transcript, search the Internet and more.

Furthermore, it also has capability of interacting with third-party applications such as Hulu, Facebook, Skype and many more. All the users of this voice assistant can also control .c that daya works Cortana – interests, searching for any place or location or music. At first, BETA Cortana will apperar in the U.S after that the company will launch it in the UK and china and across the world.

Apart from Cortana, users can also experience a Windows Phone 8.1 Control center that contains notifications from different apps and device settings. It also allows users to choose how they want to get alerts from different apps like sound, vibration or any other signal. Moreover, they can also personalize the lock screen as per their desire. For the additional row of tiles, the platform adds support as well.

Start Screen – Make Live Tiles Your

Microsoft is looking to make your Windows Phone Start screen to replicate your personality and the people and things that you care about. In the year 2014, the company has added a third column on its devices for 5-inch screen or bigger smart-phones so that it enables users to show more stuff on the screen.

All the people across the world loved this feature a lot, so company is thinking to enable this feature on all the screen sizes in Windows Phone 8.1 pin. Moreover, the company also added the capability to customize your Start back-ground with a favorite picture as it can make lots of the tiles on your start screen appears clear.

A range of new delighters –

Action center: We all know that Live Tiles are excellent way to “glance and go”, and now the company has added Action Center that allows people to see notifications from ANY app-pinned or not. It also gives users a customizable way to rapidly access the settings for which you care most like Flight Mode, Rotation lock, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more.

Word Flow Keyboard: When it comes to Word Flow Keyboard, it is capable to learn your writing style and it also knows the names of your contacts people. The best part of this feature is that it allows you glide your fingers over the keys to type exceptionally.

Skype: All new Skype application for Windows Phone 8.1 comes with excellence of Skype on a smart-phone. This application is integrated with the Phone dialer, so if you are on a call, you can instantly upgrade your ordinary phone call to a Skype video call. This app is mainly designed to work flawlessly with Cortana, so one can use the voice assistant to setup their calls in Skype.

Music & Videos: Microsoft come-up with lots of improvements to these experiences that are finally spilt out as separate applications. Now, it becomes extremely easy for users to edit their playlists and manage their cloud collection without any hassle. Moreover, video make it extremely easy to purchase or rent videos from Xbox Music and Podcasts that allow users to subscribe to any RSS feed.

These are the new exciting features of Windows Phone 8.1 that allow people to experience the true power of it. All the Windows Phone fans get ready for Windows Phone 8.1 that will be available in the next few months. To get more information about it or to have a look on it, you can check-out this below given video:

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