Slowly, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 catching up with iOS and android platform as the company is adding more and more applications in its app store so that users find all those apps that they are looking for.

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Windows Phone 8 Catching

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is gradually getting pace in the mobile application development industry as you would find numerous people worldwide, who are using Windows Phone 8 based smart-phone and looking to get their own application that must be rich in terms of features and functionalities.

Windows Phone 8 is an advanced mobile operating system that stuffed with some awesome features to give users a completely dynamic experience. Before most of people were biggest fans of iOS and Android, but today you can find lots of people are interested in WP 8 due to its flexibility and easy-to-use nature.

Now, we can say that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 is catching up with iOS and android because the company is adding more and more applications in its bag so that all the users can enjoy all those apps that are also obtainable in the iOS and android app store.

When Microsoft first releases its WP 8, every soul of tech world remained stunned by looking at the features of WP 8. Especially designed for the smart-phones and tablets, this new OS runs seamlessly. The all new OS comes with start screen that replaced decades old start menu.

The best thing about this new OS is that its programs are appearing as tiles that when touched maximize to fill the entire screen. The bright contrasting colors of the start screen are giving wow feeling to every user, who is using Windows Phone 8.

Now, users of WP 8 OS can get their desired application like business, education, sports, news, finance & banking, traveling, social networking, games and many more. Moreover, they can also customized their apps as per their need and add as many features as they want.

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Microsoft enabled the app community to indulge in Windows Phone app development so that users can find all those apps that they have in their mind. With increasing demand for Windows Phone 8 app development, lots of companies come into existence and offer mobile app development for Windows Phone 8 platform.

However, users need to be careful while hiring any Windows Phone 8 app development company as not only the companies are true to their words, so hire one such company that comprehends your needs and develop a perfect application to suffice your needs.

When it comes to hire one such company that deliver excellent quality services, you should go with experienced company that already developed numerous apps of different categories.

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