Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 8 update that supports with brighter, smarter and faster smart-phones.

Windows Phone 8 users can enjoy many new features and expand the capability of their device.

In this blog, I have shared huge information on Windows Phone 8 update, so check this out!!


Windows PHone

As we all are well familiar with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS that has lots of advanced features and exceptional functionalities. Finally, the company has updated its OS that is officially obtainable on the web. Windows Phone 8’s 3rd update formerly known as General Distribution Release 3 that is friendlier for Windows Phone 8 users. Microsoft is looking to expand its feature and hardware support by making its OS superior than before.

Things That You Should Know About Windows Phone 8 Updates

As we all expected that this new update is specially designed for all the upcoming hardware. Further, it ships with new smart-phones from Nokia that are recently launched by the company. Along with it, this new update offers support for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon MSM8974 quad-core processor alongside 5- and 6-inch displays at 1080p resolution. By considering its support for biggest devices (displays), we can say that users can get more live tiles that can fit on the screen.

Now, big phones that are running on Windows Phone 8 will be able to add some extra column of tiles of its home screen. When it comes to talk about the previous update, the OS enabled for slower dual-core processors and less-rich 720p screens. The major change to Windows Phone 8 is that the company has added various multi-tasking interfaces to the operating system for quick app switching. We can say that the multi-tasking of Windows Phone 8 is not at all different that iOS7.

You just need to hold down the back button and you will be transitioned to a screen where each application is showed as a card that you can tap to close. There are various other minor updates as well that you should know. It becomes simple yet effective for you to use your phone as a wireless hotspot as it enables you to use Bluetooth to involuntarily set things up.

Along with it, you can also lock the orientation of the screen in order to stop its rotation when are scrolling down. The company also claims that there are numerous things, tweaks and other improvements, but apart from improved overall performance, there are some things that users are not going to notice.

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