Want to connect PC or Android devices to HDTVs?

Purchase Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter and view your picture, videos, etc.

on your HDTVs that have in PC or Android devices.

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A new wireless dongle has been announced by Microsoft that helps computer and android users to view photos, apps, and videos on their HDTVs screen. This device named as the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Previously, it would be complicated to connect two devices that mirror a PC’s screen onto a TV, but now it is possible with this adapter.

Microsoft's Wireless Display Adapter

Join a laptop or desktop directly to the TV through an HDMI cable is the most basic version, however, connecting PC to be within a few feet of the TV totally depends on the length of HDMI cable.

We also have other solution that is many Windows PCs already have Intel’s Wireless Display technology by default; however, it needs a less-than-intuitive setup process and a hard-to-find proprietary receiver box.

At first glance, you will note that Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter seems like Google’s Chromecast that is small stick with an HDMI output plug. It is easily connected to a second wire with a USB plug for power.

If we are looking at the PC side, we can easily swipe in from the right side of Windows 8 screen in order to open Charms bar. After that, you have to select “devices” and “project,” and can view the adaptor. This can be because of Miracast standard that used for screen-casting.

In addition to, you can also use dongle with Android devices, even if not with Windows versions before Windows 8.1. The utility of the Wireless Display Adapter is emphasizing by Microsoft with its own Surface tablet and in a practical demo session.

Users can also able to connect a big-screen television from a Surface Pro 3 to both see and extend their display. You will get quick connect, but finds lag was negligible. This connector will work excellent for video playback or streaming, and a PowerPoint presentation.

So, you are thinking to purchase Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter? Get it for $60, if resides in the US and Canada. The release date of adapter will be listed at the end of October, but you can pre-order your device now.

For now, internationally availability has not been released. But, it is confirmed that UK and Australian will get this device for £40 or AU$70, respectively.

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