Motorola has declares its flagship Moto X Style smartphone that is more expensive than the Moto X Play.

The device offers a slightly better spec than its sibling as it comes with enormous features and specifications.

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new motorola moto x style

Motorola is one of the biggest smartphone companies, which declared two versions of its flagship Moto X handset this year that named Moto X Style and the Moto X Play. When it comes to talking about the Moto X Style, the device is more expensive than the Moto X Play; however, it offers a slightly better spec as compare to its sibling.

The company has clearly taken this inspiration from its earlier work on the Nexus 6 & ndash; however, people have putted one next to it while hands-on time and it’s very similar in look and feel especially size-wise. The device has dimensions of 124 x 76 x 11mm and a weight of 179g.

teaser moto x style image

This may looks like a thick and sturdy smartphone, but that’s the thickest point the back, it has a curved back and the thinnest point comes in at 6.1mm. When it comes to design of the phone, the name of the game is customization.

The website of Moto Maker is enabling you to decide on what material back you would to select, accent colors for the camera and the overall color for the phone. Currently, users can find eighteen different backs to choose from and color wise, you have got seven different options for accents. You can really make it your own design.

acabamen to moto x style

The choices of material are leather, wood and silicon plastic. The leather of the device feels extremely wonderful on the palm of the hand and offers extremely grip. However, the wood looks wonderful from far-off, but it doesn’t provide great grip and looks like it can be damaged easily.

In addition to this, the device is larger than its predecessor and in spite of the visual similarities; it brings numerous unique features to the series. Inside the box of the device, you will get all the essentials like charge-cable, in-ear headphones and instruction manual. The supplied power cable fits into a wall-socket; however, the X Style doesn’t come with a separate USB cable for data transfer.

The best thing about this device is that it can be customized in Motorola’s Moto Maker store with different options like a genuine leather or bamboo rear cover. Apart from this, silicone is also a great material, which might divide opinions, but personally, it is my favorite because of the soft grip. It will not only feel good, but Motorola says that it won’t yellow over the time.

traseira moto x style

In spite of its curved spine, the all new Moto X style is completely usable even when it is lying flat on table as it doesn’t vibrate and unlike how many devices release this year such as the Galaxy S6, the Moto X Style Edition’s rear camera lens doesn’t overhang. It adds completely to its premium looks.

There is a slot for two SIM cards at the top of the device and just behind the chip tray is a slot for a micro SD card that can be expanded up to 128GB. On the bottom side of the device, there is the micro USB port, and on the right-hand side is the power button and volume control.

So, what are you thinking about this device? Is it worth waiting for or would like to checkout other devices? I would tell you that it is the best smartphone that you can purchase for yourself due to its numbers of features.

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