commas-leftThis article post explains the method used by experts of CRM development India to update multiple records in contact entity at a time. They are using Ondemand workflow in this tutorial. Read this post to discover what they have to say.commas-right



To update multiple records in contact entity at one time.

Description- For this requirement we are need to use ondemand workflow. For creating ondemand workflow, we need to follow some of the steps-

Step 1:

For creating a new workflow, Goto



When you click on Processes, a new window be open, here you have to click on the ‘New’ button for creating a New process


Step 2:

When you click on ‘New’ button, a new window will be popup, here you have to fill all the details like Process name, Entity name and Category, click the OK button.

See the below image-


Step 3:

After clicking the OK button a window will be open, here you have to add some of the details-like check As on-demand Process.

Below image describes the same-

step 3

Step 4:

After this scroll down above window, here you have to add your logic, according to the requirement. You need to update Email address as ‘[email protected]’.

For this, click on ‘Add Step’ and choose ‘Update record’.

Below image describes the same-


When you click on Update record it will be look like this:


Step 5:

Click on ‘Set properties’ button, here one new window will open.


In this window, you have to type your desired email- [email protected] then Save and Close the form

Below image describes the how to activate the workflow:


Step 6:

Click the ‘Activate’ button for activating the process, a new window will be appear, here activate the Process then close the form.


Step 7:

For performing the action, Goto contact entity, select some of the records from the list then click on ‘…’ button and choose run workflow option.


When you click the ‘Run workflow’ option, a new window will appear. Here you have to choose your workflow.

Select your workflow from the list then click the add button.

Below image describes the same:


When you click add button, a popup is displayed. Then, click the Ok Button


When you click the ‘Ok’ button all selected record’s should be updated with the new Email addresses.

Below image describes the same :-


You must follow every step discussed by experts of CRM development India in this post. It will help in understanding the method to update multiple record at one time using On demand work flow. If you have any doubt, mention in comments and get response from professionals.

Task Accomplished.

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James Warner is an highly skilled and experienced software and mobile application system development manager at NexSoftsys CRM Development India. He has wide experience in IT industries to develop creative business system based on Java, .Net, Python, iOS, Magento and Android.His broad technology knowledge inspire him to face complicated projects.

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