Samsung Galaxy S5 – Cover up for Galaxy S4’s Poor Sales?

As reported in Korean news site Naver, an unnamed source said that the sluggish sales of the Galaxy S4 prompted Samsung to set a mid-January launch of the Galaxy S5, wherein sales would start by February.

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Finally! Samsung Galaxy Gear Support Expanded to More Smartphones

Samsung has announced that its Samsung Galaxy Gear computerized watch is going to support with more smart-phones.

Shortly, the company will introduce the update that enables other smart-phones to interface with the Gear.

In this blog, you can find complete information about this latest news, so continue reading it!!

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US Government Shutdown: No Immediate Impact to Indian IT Industries

A government shutdown is entered by the United States federal government On October 1, 2013, forcing furloughs of 8 lakhs workers and suspension of services not exempted by the Anti-deficiency Act.

This shutdown may have shaken up the global market, but is there any impact Indian IT Industries has faced.

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5 Common Mistakes Made By Java Programmers

Although to err is human, but when these errors occur in a Java code that you have created after hours of hard work, they can actually be highly frustrating for the programmer himself! But there is nothing to get disappointed as even best programmers frequently do mistakes in their codes.

However, what you need to focus upon is to understand and be careful of not let the same error haunt you next time.

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Get More Business Benefit with Smart Phone App

Smartphone is the need of time in today’s world.

Android and iOS supported phones are the most demanding ones.

People belong to any field prefers to have a Smartphone now.

Even the students and teenagers want to keep a Smartphone’s.

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Online Retail Sales in Europe Expected to double to EUR 323 billion by 2018

Across the world, most of the businesses are turning their physical stores into online store because of its constant growing popularity.

In this post, you can find huge information on online retail sales in Europe that is expected to double to EUR323 billion by 2018

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