Finally, BBM messenger is making its way to Nokia devices as BlackBerry is going to release its most popular messenger app BBM for Windows Phone smart-phones in the near future.

In this blog, you can get complete information about both companies partnership to launch BBM for Windows Phone smart-phones.


Nokia BBM For Windows Phone

Recently, Nokia has confirmed that it is going to introduce a BBM Windows Phone application so that users are to be brought out from the mobile messaging dark. The company makes this announcement at MWC 2014 press conference that it is going to launch a BBM Windows Phone app that will come in the July-September this year.

Stephen Elop, a CEO of Nokia, said “Today I am very pleased to announce that BBM is coming to Windows Phone, during the company’s launch event. Along with BBM to the Windows Phone 8 platform, the company also confirmed that two most popular apps Photoshop Express as well as Food Panda are also gradually heading to the growing mobile OS. Kya bola muss.

The source from BlackBerry said in a statement “BBM will be available as a free download from the Windows Phone Store this summer. BBM for Nokia X will be available from the Nokia Store when the Nokia X platform launches”.

As we all know that last year, the company (BlackBerry) had launched its BBM app for its rival platform iOS and Android. Since then, the application has been downloaded on over 40 million such smartphones.

Today, both the companies (Nokia and BlackBerry) declared their partnership under which BBM will be obtainable for forthcoming Nokia X series phones that built on Android platform. BlackBerry is facing very tough competition from iOS and Android-based phones, and now it is placing its big bets on applications like launching its popular messaging service BBM to other operating systems.

Jon Sims, a BlackBerry President, said “BBM continues to grow in popularity as millions of people use our mobile platform for chatting and connecting with friends or colleagues, and we are very excited that we will soon welcome Windows Phone and Nokia X users to the BBM community”.

From last couple of years, BlackBerry has experienced huge decrement in the sales of its smart-phones as it is facing very sturdy competition from Apple, Samsung and Nokia. Last year, the company also launched a new OS Z10, but it also failed to impress people.

“Today marks an exciting moment for Nokia. By bringing BBM to the Windows Phone and Nokia X communities, our customers will be able to experience this popular global messaging app,” said by Bryan Biniak, a Vice President of Nokia and GM developer Relations.

All the Nokia users can get access to messaging as well as a lot of other features like BBM Groups, BBM Channels, BBM Chats and BBM Voice. Moreover, Blackberry had also started offering its new version of BBM for android and iOS users as they are allowed to make free calls to other BBM contacts over cellular data connection or Wi-Fi.

For BlackBerry handset users, the free voice call feature was already obtainable. However, BBM channel is also enabling users to chat with other BBM users on different topics of interest including hobbies, products, sports to entertainment, cars, fashion and more.

Apart from this, users can also get any application that has their required features and functionalities, but they just need to hire Windows Phone app developer, who develops different types of mobile applications.

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