After Amber and Black, Nokia’s Blue Version is expected to release for Lumia smartphones.

This update comes with some latest features that specifically tailored for Lumia devices.

Read this post and know more about this latest update.


Blue Version of Windows Phone 8.1

It is expected that Nokia is releasing a forthcoming firmware update, Nokia Blue for its Lumia line. There shouldn’t be any secret that we are anticipating an OS update that called Windows Phone 8.1. Your phone’s hardware become well with Firmware and it is very particular for your device. Although the operating system is general and thus, the Developer Preview Program only offers the update, but needs additional firmware updates to get complete experience.

In this video, you will see the current features available in Lumia Black, posted by Nokia Russia.

This is the firmware, coinciding with Update 3. Looking at this video, you will get brief introduction for the next Lumia update that we call, Nokia Blue. As ‘Blue’ is the codename for Windows Phone 8.1 and other Microsoft services, so we can call it new firmware ‘Nokia Blue’ that makes huge sense. Seems to be little funny as we have black and blue for those two firmwares.

If we are supposing the information is true, we would have the firmware/OS pattern like:

  • Amber <-> Windows Phone 8 Update 2 (aka GDR2)
  • Lumia Black <-> Windows Phone 8 Update 3
  • Nokia Blue <-> Windows Phone 8.1

We are finding similar pattern here. Now, what exactly about Nokia Blue has is the big question. Actually, we don’t have answer for that, but have some assumptions. If we are looking at the previous firmware, i.e. Nokia Blue, it comes with some marvelous features like improved camera algorithms, Motion Monitor Glance screen, Bluetooth support, and more.

Now, we are expecting some advanced features in the 8.1 OS update that are taken benefits through latest chipsets that found in the Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520 e.g. always-on voice recognition. Firmware would be required facilitating those and other features. We will update you some more important things like the firmware name and any other details shortly through our post. Still then stay tuned and comment us, if you have any information. Click Here

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