Already obtainable for Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Opera Mini finally makes its way to Windows Phone platform.

So, Windows Phone users can download this high-end application and get lots of features.


Opera Mini Beta Windows Phone
Windows Phone users can finally get their hands on Opera mini as the application has been launched on Windows Phone platform, so users can easily check-out Opera mini. One week ago, the company has told that it will bring the most popular Opera Mini to Windows Phone, so not long after the company introduces this application for the platform.

Being the first popular third-party browser, Opera mini is obtainable for download on Windows Phone. Therefore, all the people worldwide, who were eagerly waiting for this platform, can try their hands on it as it rapidly draw the notice of all those people, who are looking for an alternative to internet Explorer.

Moreover, it has been proved as the most reliable and powerful option. You should also know that Opera Mini is labeled as a beta and it is not a full-blown mobile browser. However, this application also lacks various features that its Opera Mobile brother provides.

As per the opera’s announcement, “In a matter of hours, we received more than enough testers for the beta version of Opera Mini for Windows Phone. Those who were able to sign up early enough will receive further information, when the application is ready to download”.

The main aim of this application is to give an amazing experience on a smart-phone to all the users of Windows Phone as they can find Opera Mini is quite pleasant to use. In the new version of the application, the old Windows Phone menu bar is not obtainable as the company has decided to go with a design, which is familiar to its existing users.

Quite different from you expect, this application can suffice your needs, so downloading it in your smart-phone is a great option. Named as Opera mini, but you will never feel like its missing some basic features.

To give fast loading time, the displayed content is optimized and the navigation buttons are also there. However, users will also find settings menu that is a lot easier to understand.

So, if you are Opera fan, you can download Opera Mini from Windows Phone store and enjoy its range of features. To download this application, you can click here.

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