The most successful iPhone application ‘Callcorder Pro’ is now obtainable for Windows Phone users.

Perception System launched its highly recognized iPhone application for Windows Phone users so that they can record their important calls, interviews and more.


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One of the leading mobile apps development companies ‘Perception System’ is well-known for its exclusive, feature-rich and highly dynamic mobile applications.

Now, the company’s most recognized and highly popular iPhone application ‘Callcorder Pro’ is available for Windows Phone users as well.

After getting huge response from iPhone users, now Callcorder Pro is obtainable for Windows Phone users that allow them to record their incoming and outgoing calls without any hassle.

Using this high-end application, users can make their phone conversation more useful and interesting by recording incoming as well as outgoing calls with it.

Currently, Callcorder application is obtainable for USA users only, but gradually the company is looking forward to make this application for other countries also. Today, it is one of the best and simple apps that allow users to record calls with one tap.

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No matter whether they are looking forward to record any incoming or outgoing call, they can use this app that makes it easily possible for them.

The best thing of this application is that it enables you to record any important call, interviews and any prank without any difficult registration process. Being a onetime paid application, it allows you to record your unlimited phone calls for unlimited duration. There is neither a subscription fees nor any hidden charges.

In the near future, the company expands the support of this application like USA, UK, Canada, Italy, France, Israel, Australia, Mexico, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Netherlands, Czech, Romanic, Switzerland, New Zealand, Bulgaria and many more. Moreover, this application comes with some dynamic features that are listed below:

  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Record unlimited phone calls
  • Email recordings
  • Upload on skydrive
  • No subscription fee
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls
  • Transfer recordings (mp3) to computer

One of the best features of this application is its user-friendliness that allows every Windows Phone users to easily use this application. If you are looking to record incoming calls using this app, you just need to open app and tap the callcorder button.

After that this app will dial recording line and tap merge call button once it enabled. Now, recording will start so talk as much as you want and record it.

For recording outgoing calls, users also have to open this app and have to tap the callcorder button. This application will dial recording line and tap ‘add call’ button once it enabled.

Now, you can call the person you want and finally tap “merge call” and recording will begin. So, Windows Phone users can download this app and record their important calls no matter incoming or outgoing.

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