In the recent times, PhoneGap platform has caught the attention of various people worldwide as it is an open source cross-platform framework that allows developers to expand mobile apps for multiple platforms.



One of the biggest challenges developers are facing is that developing a mobile application that supports multiple platforms as developing a single application for multiple platforms can lead to huge cost. So, it has led up the demand of cross-platform solution that allows developers to develop mobile applications that support multiple platforms without any hassle.

Among different mobile cross-platform frameworks, PhoneGap is one such cross-platform framework that allows developers to creations with a familiar tool set such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Being an open source technology, it is freely obtainable under the Apache license 2.0, so mobile developers can make use of this framework and develop all types of mobile applications of multiple categories.

However, if the default API is not adequate, developers are allows to write a code with PhoneGap Plugin that implements the missing functionalities. However, this is one such code that is written on the native programming language that will particular to each single platform.

Benefits of Using PhoneGap For Mobile Apps Development –

  • One of the best things about this framework is that it uses web technology and allows professionals to create mobile apps with the help of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript for UI/UX development.
  • Using a plug-in, users of this framework can integrate mobile native feature. As per the application requirement, the plug-in can be developed and used in PhoneGap.
  • Developers can develop hybrid applications using its native functionalities and rich UI with the help of using web technologies.
  • However, the community of this framework is keenly participating in plug-in development.
  • It also provides supports for cross-platform application development.
  • Wide reusability of code
  • Moreover, tools can be used easily that are added by the community.

As compare to some other frameworks, open source frameworks are considered as successful when the open source community for the same contributes constantly. When it comes to talk about the PhoneGap framework, its community supports very positively. This supports developers to leverage this technology for their cross-platform requirements.

Lastly, the platform has a range of plugins to offer that a developer can easily use to write an effective mobile application. Moreover, you can hire a professional PhoneGap developer to get PhoneGap apps development service to get your desired application, but ensure that you hire him from any trusted PhoneGap company.

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