These days, lots of people are looking to get best and feature-rich mobile tracking application that can be used to measure and analyze calls and phone leads in both offline as well as online advertising.


Mobile Tracking

More and more users are finding mobile tracking apps as the best solution to measure and analyze calls and phone leads in both offline and online advertising. Latest studies have shown that more than 60% percent of purchases related to online searches took place offline and through phone calls. This is why measuring the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns was very difficult before mobile tracking apps.

They work together with online analytic software, such as the ones available on Facebook or Google campaigns, and give you detailed reports and analytics on how successful your advertising campaign is. Mobile tracking apps are a great way to measure how effective each of your advertising channel is, including offline advertisement like TV, radio or print.

When choosing a perfect mobile tracking app most new users are purchasing the first option an online search offers, or simply click on the first add they see, which can prove to be very expensive and leave you with an app that doesn’t have half of the features you need.

As with many other software solutions you search online, there are hundreds of articles about mobile tracking apps, and as much developers that claim their product is the best. However, only a few of these articles will actually help you in choosing the right app for you and try to save you money. In this article you will find all the relevant information you should look for when choosing the right mobile tracking app, and you will soon be able to analyze and improve your offline and online advertising efforts.

What to look for when choosing a mobile tracking app

In order to get the best from a mobile monitoring app, and not waste your money on software that will be of no help whatsoever, here are the main features you should look for:

Call recording and transcription

This is one of the most important features you should look for, since it lets you obtain a lot of useful features about your potential customers’ needs. This information is essential in improving your advertising campaigns and future strategies.

Integration with other services

A good mobile tracking app should be able to integrate itself with other services, such as analytics tools provided by online marketing campaign providers. Through data from both online analytics and call tracker you’ll get detailed information about the effect of your campaign.

Effective phone numbers

Choose tracking apps that can effectively track numbers in all your campaigns. That means that every phone number you use in your campaigns should have an effective code incorporated within. This way, whenever someone calls that number (no matter where a customer saw it) it should record all the data and successfully combine it with data from other sources. Doing this manual could lead to errors in analyzing your campaign.


Every business has its own rules on how to use data and customer information in improving service and advertising efforts. That’s why a proper customization is important.


Since all calls from customers will go through a tracking phone tracker should be highly customizable so different businesses can use the app information as it suits system, it’s understandable that you should look for an app that has best rates for numbers and calling minutes.

Detailed data

Tracking app you choose should have as much analytic information as possible. It should be able to give you information on call duration, location of the caller and his or hers details. These information should be collected in real time so you’ll have room to improve or change your advertising strategies on the go.

By choosing the right mobile tracking app and implementing it with available online analytic tools you will be able to combine all possible information about customers’ reactions on certain advertising efforts and make smarter decisions in future marketing plans. This way, you’ll be able to understand the customers’ behavior and evaluate (let approximately) the effects of your various marketing practices.

Article by Linda, marketing executive for cell phone monitoring software at She writes for many tech blogs and covers different topics: from business security to kids’ apps.

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