In recent times, Pinterest share of social shopping sessions grew from 6% to 25% from December 10, 2012 and the week ending April 1, 2013.

So, you can imagine that how Pinterest grabs the Facebook share of Social e-commerce traffic.


facebook vs pinterest

These days, it becomes very important to market your business online if you want to increase your sales and profit of your business. When it comes to market your business online, various businessmen started adopting different ways, but it is essential for them to adopt one such way that works amazingly.

As per new data released by RichRelevance, Pinterest is becoming more and more influential sources of social e-commerce referral traffic. Pinterest share of social shopping sessions grew from 6% to 25% between the week ending December 10, 2012 and the week ending April 1, 2013.

While Facebook’s share is decreased by 30% from 92% to 62% and remaining platform analyzed, Twitter has seen a steady even muted growth in traffic share. Pinterest is not only accounting for a greater share of weekly shopping sessions, but those sessions result in increasing average order values as compare to Facebook referrals.

No matter whether you are in SEO, PPC ads, or updating your website on regular basis, it is always like you need to learn more and more to grab the attention of your customers. In recent times, Pinterest has grabbed the attention of various people worldwide as it has 25 million unique monthly visitors and more than 50 million users.

Pinterest is the fastest growing social network that serves wonderful service of sharing pictures. Recently, it is declared as a third largest social network after Facebook and Twitter, so ecommerce businesses can get many benefits using this social network for their business.

Pinterest shoppers spent approximately $153 per order between November, 2012 and April, 2013 as compared to $85 per order for Facebook shoppers. We can say that the gap between them appears wider too.

In the ending week of April, Pinterest shoppers spent $194 on average while $84 for Facebook shoppers. As per recent figures released by Adobe, social media is still not a vital ecommerce traffic driver. These days, social tends to act as an assist than last interaction along with the online customer journey as per the new Google analysis of US Google Analytics profiles with ecommerce tracking enabled.

Make the Most of Pinterest to Make Your ecommerce Business Popular, make sure to get a Pinterest account:

Firstly, you need to create your account in Pinterest that takes some minutes and setting up a few pin boards need only take an hour or two. There is no need to be compulsively active to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest as you just need an account and update your pinboards occasionally is enough.

Targeting Pinterest’s core Users’ Women:
If you have decided to promote your products on Pinterest, make sure to know that who uses Pinterest. 70% of Pinterest users are women in the US and globally, 83% users are women. However in the UK, around half of users are male. This social network covers all age group people.

Make Your Images Pinable
One of the major keys to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest is motivating your customers and website visitors to pin your products to their boards. Firstly, it is important to add a Pin it to all your product pages as it means your website users are likely to pin images of your products as it is convenient for them to do so. Try to make your picture as pin-able as possible. Product pictures are likely to be pinned than standard product images.

Above mentioned are some points that allow you to get most out of Pinterest to make your ecommerce business on the top-most position.

Pinterest vs Facebook

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