Apple’s iOS in the Car screenshots have been leaked that are appearing online.

Leaked screenshots of iOS in the car reveals a version of iOS with a GPS module like appearance.



When last year Apple launched its iOS7 at the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), all the attendees of the conference was amazed by the technology as it is one of the most advanced mobile operating system that launched by the company.

Then the company had leaked that the iOS 7 will soon compatible with cars with its iOS in the car feature. This feature will allow drivers to interact with the vehicles they drive by facilitating Siri functionalities.

Finally, an app developer ‘Steven Troughton-Smith’ uploaded some pictures on Twitter how it looks Apple’s upcoming iOS in the car interface. At that time, the company also mentioned that they will also make it able to listen to and respond to text messages, performing numerous tasks without taking hands off the steering, using Maps and more.

Revealed pictures from Steven Troughton-Smith are showing a version of iOS 7 with a GPS module like appearance. News is also coming that iOS in the Car is designed in such way so that it can easily work in conjunction with the dashboard systems of Apple’s manufacturing.

Users can also take advantage of making phone calls, accessing mapping services, controlling music and much more. It is also providing a home screen and an area of bookmarks. When it comes to screenshots that are leaked, they have been taken by the iOS Simulator, which is shipped with the Xcode developer tools after that on real hardware.

However, you can also notice the UI design changes that Apple made since it first launched in its demo. The appearance of left aligned in all shots also noticed that displays connection status, time and software Home button.

Well, the interface’s fonts, buttons and graphics are very much reflecting like those that used in iOS 7. It also comes to know that various popular automakers like Acura, Honda, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Ferrari, Chevrolet, Infinity, Kia and more are going to launch vehicles optimized for use with Apple products in 2014.

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