Do you want to purchase smart device for yourself?

Are you bit confused about which is better to use, i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or iPhone 6 Plus?

No worries.

Read this post and check out some important features that make device different from each other.


iphone 6 plus vs samsung note 5

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 finally lands with a wide range of features and fabulous functionalities. With some new changes in the newest phablet, the Galaxy Note 5 can able to be stand out from popular iPhone 6 Plus.

No doubt, Apple and Samsung are introducing some of the best-designed smart device among its users. However, after some years, Samsung comes with the dual-glass design and metallic frame.

With an introduction to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, the comparison with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 starts. Now, the question arises which device is better from other and how?

Read below given points that tells how both phones are different from each other.

Take a scrolling screenshot of an entire web page.

Take a scrolling screenshot

With Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+, one can easily take multiple screenshots of Google Maps directions and combine them all with a feature called Scroll Capture.

It works well when there is no connectivity to your carrier’s network and you want to bring directions or entire pages with important information.

Mobile payments on the Go

Mobile payments on the Go

The latest Galaxy phones comes with Samsung Pay that utilizes Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), the same technology that used by credit card reader to read card. That simply means, Samsung Pay works on the go.

Talking about Apple Pay, it only works on latest terminals that has inbuilt Near-Field Communication (NFC) technology.

Write Notes and sign PDFs

Write Notes and sign PDF

One of the best features we all find in the Galaxy Note 5 is it has built-in stylus that known as the S Pen. iPhones work with styli which is an extension of your finger. However, third-party styli for iPhones aren’t really work well.

With Galaxy Note 5’s S Pen, users can easily take note without unlocking the phone or can able to sign PDF and send to the concern person. Moreover, writing texts and emails are also possible without using keyboard.

Stream live video directly to YouTube

Stream live video directly to YouTube

A built-in live-streaming feature integrated by Samsung in its camera application that has capability to stream 1080p video in wide screen from your YouTube account.

If you want to stream live video from an iPhone then you have to use third-party apps, which only shoot in portrait (vertical) mode and don’t stream in best quality.

Get notifications and transfer files with Macs AND PCs

Get notifications and transfer files

SideSync enables to show your notifications and can also transfer files to and from your smartphone to both a Mac and Windows PCs with ease.

Moreover, it also uses phone by replicating its screen on the computer. Such things can also be done with an iPhone, but it only works on Mac computers.

Charge wirelessly faster as wired charging

Wireless charging for Android phones becomes popular among users, however, it charges device so much slower than regular cable charging. However, with Note 5, you can simply charge wirelessly faster than other phone. It also charges your device quick with a cable, from empty to full in 90 minutes.

Galaxy phones have Sharper Screens

Galaxy phones have Sharper Screens

We find iPhone 6 Plus’ screen sharp 1080p display, however, the new Note 5 and S6 Edge+ screens are insanely sharp. Some people think that it doesn’t make difference on a relatively small smartphone display, but it doesn’t.

It comes with incredible color and contrast that provides a wonderful experience to the users.

Hidden windows accepting Shortcut to apps

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 5 enables to add users shortcuts to favorite apps in a narrow window, which can be easily swiped out from the right side of the display.

Android’s widgets feature is also supported by Samsung smartphones that enables users to add interactive icons of many apps to their home screen. iPhone don’t have this feature.

These are some features and functionality that makes Samsung Galaxy Note 5 better than iPhone 6 Plus. So, if you are thinking to purchase one from these two devices, then Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is recommended.

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