Which Smart-phone will you purchase? – iPhone or Android


Today, the market is full-of smart-phones as there are lots of companies, that are launching different smart-phones for people.

With so many options, people are getting confused, but they end-up choosing android or iPhone for their regular life.

So, have a look on iPhone and Android’s smart-phone features, software and more


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It is expected that the entire world will purchase approximately 1 billion smart-phones in the year 2014. When it comes to talk about the first most powerful smart-phone of the world, Apple’s iPhone is the name that comes in everyone’s mind as it was launched just six years ago. After some times, Android comes in the market and competition in the smart-phone industry has been increased.

Because of constant increasing competition, various companies like Huawei and ZTE have reduced the prices of their devices while the quality as well as options has been increased. Now, one of the biggest problems for people is to choose a right smart-phone for them to make their life a lot easy.

We all know that there are various other options also obtainable like Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more, but most of the people made their choice between Apple’s iPhone and any android smart-phone from a well-known manufacturer like LG, Samsung, HTC and more. So, which smart-phone will your purchase? iPhone or Android, so let’s have a look on different platforms to see which one is best and suits your needs:

iPhone or Android – Different Phones:
Currently, Apple offers three different iPhone choices to make from iPhone 4s, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. One can choose any iPhone model as per their requirement and choice as all are relatively similar, but come with little different features.

However, the iPhone 5s is the flagship model with features like its fingerprint scanner, faster processor and more, providing an excellent performance of any Apple’s phones. When it comes to iPhone 5c, it comes in a complete range of colors so that users can choose any color to best meet with fashion requirements.

While, other side Android is there that is completely different proposition. At the moment, thousands of android smart-phones are obtainable in the market. People, who are looking to purchase android smart-phone, can find a huge variety of smart-phones like HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4 and many more budget phones as well.

Various android smart-phones are looking similar in terms of design and come at same prices offering alike features. If it comes to android smart-phone that comes with unique features, Samsung is a great choice that integrates eye control and hand gestures, while HTC’s One also has front-facing speakers that are wonderful.

Apple’s iPhone or Android – Software:
Firstly, Apple runs on its own software as well as its own hardware. All the devices from Apple are running on iOS as this OS is tightly integrated with the devices. We can say that the software of Apple is completely best and bug free that runs very amazingly in iPhones. At the moment, iOS 7 has given a much sturdy competition to other OS of the market.

Moreover, users can easily set-up their phone and signing in with their AppleID is much easier, if they use Apple product before. However, it is also true that the software is controlled by the company very seriously, so users are allowed to perform only tasks that Apple allows them.

When it comes to Google’s Android, before this software was not as easy as it sounds as it comes with different crashes and bugs. In the last 12 months, the company seems to get its act together; however, the latest version of this OS is Andorid 4.4 or KitKat. Android Kitkat is much faster, smoother and incredible that gives excellent performance. For android users, it is easy to load their own video and music onto an android phone by simply transferring them from their computer.

Apple’s iPhone or Android – Apps:
Many of you all think that Apple does not have the biggest collection of applications, but still the company maintains the quality of its applications. However, the company offers an excellent selection of games and app with major companies. Lots of developers are there, who choose iOS version of the apps to develop before Android. In short, we can say that if you are looking for best quality apps, iPhone is a great choice.

Let’s consider Android as well that has more than one millions applications in its Play Store. Most of the major applications obtainable that you find on iOS are also available on Android. But, the android users can face a biggest problem that is security. Android OS offers less security compare to iOS because users can install apps from third-party app store and Apple store itself has lots of malicious applications. So, it is advisable for you to stick with reputable apps that are made by popular companies.

At last, we can say that it is not easy to choose between iPhone and android, so above mentioned different between both smart-phones help you to decide which one is better. To get more information on android apps development, you can click here.


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