Technology has changed our way of living and makes us more secure and productive.

This time, some brilliant minds bring dedicated application that allows easy check-in and unlock hotel’s room.


Smartphones Replace Keys

As the world is getting smarter by using digital products, a hotel chain has decided to bring some latest technique instead of using keys and swiping cards to unlock hotel’s room. There is no doubts, smartphones are changing the way we perform business, browse the web, play games, and doing other things. Now, it seems that smart-devices could change the process of check-in and unlock hotel’s rooms. A new update has been announced by The Starwood hotel group to its Starwood Preferred Guest app.

This application allows ‘preferred guests’ to bypass the hotel check-in process and go directly to their rooms. Unlocking the door using a smartphone eliminates the requirements of a card key. This application works on iOS and Android 4.3 or higher handsets through Bluetooth technology. This innovative application will be first tested at two Aloft Hotels, i.e. Silicon Valley and Harlem. If this technology works finely, then viewers could see a full rollout to Starwood hotel group’s W and Aloft Hotels by the end of 2015 worldwide.

The smartphone unlock system might be starting small like the modern card key. However, it has huge potential; just we have to wait till time comes when all major hotel groups create their own analogous trial programs. Travelers are seeking at a quicker and more expedient way to ‘check in’ to their rooms, if this technology becomes an industry standard over the course of the upcoming years. Sadly, this technology also has potential to deduct job requirements as latest check-in system might mean hotels will require some employees at the front desk.

Are you finding this idea of checking-in and unlocking hotel rooms is better than using keys? Let us know through comment section. Click here to get custom apps for Smartphones

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