Are you looking forward to checking out different smartwatches and smartbands that work with iOS and Android ?

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Smartwatches and Smartbands

In this modern era of technology, smartwatches and smartbands become the goner of tech town. But what if you decided to switch from iOS to Android or vice-versa? Would you purchase a new timepiece?

Well, there is no need as these smartwatches and smartbands can work with both, so you can easily swap your phone frequently. Let’s have a look on the best smartwatches and smartbands that will work wonderfully with iOS and Android platform.

1. Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band Beat The Apple

When it comes to talking about the Microsoft’s band, it is one such smartwatch that will work with the Windows operating system, and Android & iOS as well. Developed by Microsoft for its valuable customers, the smartwatch would be a little tricky.

As usual, the band does all the work same as other smartwatches like counts your steps, sleep quality, calories burned and more. The device is powered by Microsoft Health, the Redmond firm’s own health platform. Users will feel that they have a personal trainer along with them. Moreover, the band will work with Cortana that is Microsoft’s digital assistant.

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2. Withings Activite Pop

Withings Activite Pop

For the smart generation, this watch is little affordable as compare to high-end activite. As it makes use of cheaper glasses and a silicone strap rather than a leather one.

However, the device comes with same expertise and skills like activity tracking, sleep tracking and a lot more. Moreover, a lot of people are also attracted with its colorful and simple elegance. For all of us, this smartwatch is just perfect.

3. Acer Liquid Leap+

Acer Liquid Leap

Acer Liquid Leap+ is another agnostic smartband that works exceptionally with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The device is doing the usual fitness tracking stuff, and it has a 1-inch screen to display your information.

The straps of this smartwatch are obtainable in a range of colors, so users can match it with their running shorts. Moreover, the tracker also comes with different features when users connect it to a mobile device. Users will also get support for basic music controls, enabling you to play, go back, pause and skip your favorite songs.

4. Pebble Time

Pebble Time

Among all the smart-watches, Pebble Time has also gained huge popularity as Pebble took to Kickstarter with its second-generation smartwatch and broke all the records. The smartwatch has raised a whopping $20 million.

However, the smartwatch has a color e-paper screen, a new timeline interface and a battery, which lasts for seven days. Users of this smart-watch are also capable of sending voice replies to notifications or taking short voice notes with the help of the inbuilt microphone.

Moreover, it also works with the 6500 existing Pebble applications, giving it a massive head start over the competitor smart-watches. The real and the best one.

5. Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine

When it comes to talking about the Misfit Shine smartwatch, it is one of the best wrist-based smart devices that attract a lot of users. Rather than a screen, the device features a touch panel that you can tap to see how active you have been.

You can also tap it so that you can see the time. It lacks a lot of powerful features, it more than makes up for it with the battery life. You can also tell that to your Apple Watch-coveting friends.

Above mentioned smart-watches and smartbands are completely best in terms of features, functionalities and performance. So, people, who are looking forward to purchasing any smartwatch or smartband, can go with this list and find one.

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