Developing an infographic is a great thing as it is a new trend that most of the businesses are adopting to expand their business worldwide. Perception System is a great destination to share infographics as it is a leading blog that visited by various IT professionals and corporate people on daily basis.

Here, you can share all IT related infographics through which you can share your knowledge and information that you have with you. If you have interesting infographics, Perception System welcomes you to share your created infographics that help you to get targeted audience on your website.

Below mentioned points must be considered while sharing infographic:

  • We are an infographic sharing platform, not a hosting platform.

  • Make sure that your infographic already submitted in any popular infographic site like,,, etc.

  • We do not accept infographics that are sent from free IDs like Yahoo, Gmail, etc.

  • We only accept infographics that are sent through companies’ IDs i.e. [email protected]

Why to Submit an Infographic for Perception System?

If you are thinking that why to submit your created infographic in our blog, my answer is simple yet effective as our blog is visited by lots of IT professionals and experts, who can see your created infographics and can visit your website.

However, you can also get various targeted audience on your website through link that you are allowed to keep in the title part. You can create a brand of your business and boost awareness about it. Submitting an infographic in our blog will prove a right decision, so what are you waiting for? Just start developing an effective infographic.

What Type of Infographic we accept?

At Perception System, we accept infographics on multiple topics that include e-Commerce, PHP (Magento, OsCommerce, ZenCart, WordPress, Joomla, etc.), Asp.Net, Web Development, Software Development, Portal, Mobile Apps solutions (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Symbian and more).

Terms & Conditions of Submitting an Infographic for us:

  • Ensure that you submit an eye-catching Infographic that attracts visitors.

  • Make sure that you try to catch attention of visitors through your infographic and data that you wanted to share.

  • Along with an infographic, you need to submit 50 to 60 words’ description that must be unique and informative.

  • We accept only IT related Infographics.

  • We take maximum 3 business days to approve your Infographic.

  • We do not accept Marketing infographics, so make sure that you only submit informative infographic.

  • Allowed to keep only 1 link in the Title part

Material That You Need to Submit an Infographic:

To submit an infographic, you need send below mentioned material in your mail.

  • Image

  • Title

  • Source URL (link of published infographic)

  • Description of 50 to 60 words (unique & informative)

  • Mention category under which you wanted to submit your infographic

How to submit an Infographic?

To submit an infographic in our blog, you just only need to send an email to us on ([email protected]). and it takes only 3 business days to give approval to your submitted inforgraphic.

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