This time CES 2016 brings more than just gadgets, meltdowns, and goodies for its people.

Read this post to know the latest gadgets and other things come out at this year's biggest tech show, CES 2016.



CES, stands for Consumer Electronics Show, is the biggest events and soon has been grown into one of the noisiest events. A complete preview of the year’s consumer technology trends is offered by this show; however, this year we get more from it than existing trends like Robotics, wearables, connected home and so on. Let’s discuss in detail what we get from CES in 2016.

2016 is one of the best years for Gadget-lovers as fitness bracelets and Google Glass are introduced at CES. In addition, users can also see some latest types of devices that can lodge highly exact use cases such as sunburn detection and drowning alerts. It would be tougher to carry a collection of single-purpose devices, but we can expect to see multi-use wearables as and when market matures.

This year is more surprising as Robotics companies are creating cheap robots is made by bending on the processors and sensors of your smart device. Robots are excellent for consumers as meanwhile they entertain themselves with Ozobot, Sphero, and Anki Drive.

4K video streaming
At the end of 2015, Netflix teased that they are testing 4K video streaming with an estimated launch window and it is about to launch in Spring season. It is expected that Netflix 4K-ready Ultra HD televisions along with pre-installed apps may announced by the company at Consumer Electronics Show. On other side, YouTube will also launch its 4K streaming tech through Google’s VP9 video codec that helps HD videos stream at a faster rate while minimizing the bandwidth.

Smart sport accessories
2016 is the year of sports-themed accessories. Now, people have the Babolat Play Drive Tennis Racket and the 94fifty Smart Sensor Basketball to check their performance in sports. Presently, sport and fitness accessories become invisible from your daily life, so this new form factors plays an important role for fitness trackers.

Home automation
We have seen the continue rise in the ‘Internet of Things’ and this time, home automation is being new for people that impacts security. Finally, we have seen crowdfunded products to make physical debut at CES in 2016. We are also keeping eye on the Canary and Piper that launched on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. These are webcam-based monitoring tools, allowing users to check-in their homes from smartphone.

Looking at the CES, we feel it brings a collection of teaser trailers as number of amazing products launched and placed in this event. So, what are waiting for? Check out all this events and look at the collection.

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