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Sync Your Android to Windows 10

We are in the modern age technology, where we are capable of getting through life without ever physically connecting your phone to a computer. But for some of the people, it is still the way to go. All those people have to plug-in in every now and then. Now, you will think what for others? They are all cloud.

It goes for all the syncers out there, who are looking forward for syncing their Android to Windows 10. Below, they can find a complete step-by-step guide to move their files from Android to Windows 10. Now, you can easily sync, move and anything that floats your boat. Well, the main point is that it is extremely easy in Windows 10.

Without discussing more, let’s take a look at the guide to sync your android to Windows 10:

File Explorer

File Explorer

If it is final to plug in your – no matter whether it is some of the photos or videos or anything – it is extremely simple way to do it. You just have to grab a microUSB cable or you can take a USB Type C cable, possibly – and plug on in.

When it comes to talking about Windows 10, you can get an experience of relative joy, which is Windows 10 Phone Companion that already detailed here. For the major part, it is just there to install some of Microsoft’s applications on your Android phone.

However, all of you need to do is to get to the venerable File Explorer. It will be an extremely easy and simple way to see the accessible storage on your phone. You can easily Hit up the “This PC” section and can lookout for your phone.

There might be need to change the USB connection on your phone to truly let Windows see inside it – look for “MTP” or “Computer transfer” or some other verbiage, it may change a little mainly depend on what you are using. Once done with it, you can click it through the files structure as earlier.

One Drive


We all know that OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service that is doing a wonderful job from years. It is really good in terms of features and performance, in fact, there are some of the Android manufacturers are initiating to comprise it on their phones by default along with Google’s office tools.

Moreover, OneDrive is one such application that becomes a lot simpler to use. Users of this app need to sign-in and they will have access to their stuff, anywhere. And like other cloud-based file services, you can end-up with a quality storage space for free of cost.

Users can also get paid plans as well. They just need to pay mere $1.99 a month to get 100GB of space. One can get a complete terabyte of space along with Office 365 if you pony up $6.99 a month.



Currently, Microsoft’s voice assistance service is not ready for public consumption; however, if you are trying Cortana Beta right now, you are able to operate it with the same data sources as Windows 10 Cortana.

It means you are allowed to do all of the one-off things, including Cortana, who has already won the game last night, and now you ask what the weather is in Alaska and can ask Cortana to save things to your calendar and have that information sync across different devices through Microsoft account.

When it comes to Cortana Notebook, it is where sync between Windows 10 and Android is actually useful. Now, Google can do everything as Cortana can easily do one-off commands; however, Cortana’s personalization you can get results to studies based on manually entered restrictions and guidelines.

Things that you will put into your Cortana Notebook on Windows 10, they will be useful in the Android version of the app. So, if one has Cortana set up to provide complete information or silenced messages, but those inner circle will be obtainable to you instantly.

Google Drive

Google Drive

From last couple of years, Microsoft is bringing the best of its applications and services to Android – OneDrive, Office, OneNote and soon Cortana. But Google’s all but, ignored Microsoft.

Although, there is still a basic Google Drive functionality, and an instant download can add Google Drive into your file structure and get things syncing like OneDrive. One cannot get conjure futuristic UI or anything, just folders and files.

In any case, if you have smartphone using non-power family members and friends, who use Microsoft products and services, you should consider the Phone Companion application to them after they upgrade to Windows 10.

However, you can always use these above mentioned existing services on multiple devices.

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