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Check-out this blog as it has a list of tablet games for your cats that allow you to have fun with your cats.

No matter whether you have android or iOS device, you can find games for both the platforms.


Interesting Tablet Games For Cats

Cats are one of the favorite pets that rule the world and heart of people. Across the world, there are a lot of people, who have cats as their pets’ due to their innocence and virtue.

Cats have gained huge popularity in the world as favorite pet, so if you also have a cat at your home, you can spend some quality with it by playing games.

Now, you can enjoy with your pets at your home by playing tablet games that are especially designed and developed for cats. No matter whether you have an android or iOS tablet, here I have listed top tablet games for cats for both the platforms, so give a quick glimpse:

Crazy Cat – The Game for Cats!

Crazy Cat

Crazy Cat is the best cat games online for all the android users, who have cat as their pet. When it comes to CrazyCat HD, it entertains you both you as well as your furry friend with wonderful animated critters that you control and you cat will chases across on your tablet screen.

With this application, the quicker the critter is moving while your cat hits it, the higher your pet will score. Click here to download.

Cat Fishing 2

Cat Fishing 2

An all new designed game Cat Fishing 2 is one of the best tablet games for cats that entertain them a lot in their free time. Just tap start and get ready to watch your cat go for the catch of the day. The more she catches the more interesting and challenging the game gets. At a time, there levels of fun with one, two and three.

The best thing about this game is that if your cat stops playing it for more than 30 seconds, the game will meow to attract her attention. IOS users can Click here to download and android users can Click here to download this app!



JitterBug is another one of the most interesting games to play with cats as your cat can practice catching little bugs anytime right on your smart-phone or tablet. In this game, there are five fifteen-second rounds to catch lots of bugs while in advanced mode, one can select how many of each kind of bug will appear.

Moreover, an advanced mode also features an endless play option that allows your cat to play as much as she likes. Click here to download this game in your iOS device.

Paint for Cats

Paint for Cats

Paint for Cats is also a great iPad game that allows your cat to unearth your kitty’s inner Picasso. Being a unique iPad application, it combines chase-a-mouse gameplay with splatters of paint, so entertaining your small kitty becomes much easier for you.

Once the feline is finished batting the rainbow-colored mouse across the screen, you will get an option to save and share the complete one to your photo album and social networks. Click Here to download this game in your iOS Device.

Catch The Mouse

Catch The Mouse

Catch The Mouse is a perfect Cat gaming application for iOS users, who have cats at their home as this app features a snuffing, squeaking mouse that bounces across the screen.

The game will have a complete track of how many times your cat catches the mouse, and you can easily choose different colors for the back-ground and the creature. Click Here to download this game in your iOS Device.

Cat Playground

Cat Playground

An excellent android gaming application Cat Playground revolves multiple mini games into one single application. However, you have to choose among four different levels.

In Cat Playground, you need to catch a mouse features a roving mouse, which squeaks when it appears on screen while Laset Chase features a simple red dot.

Whenever a paw touches the screen of tablet, the swimming fish gives a splashing-sound feedback. However, the fish will get the most approving meows from the cat gallery. Android users can Click here to download.

Pocket Pond 2

Pocket Pond 2

No matter whether you are showing down on it or simply looking the fishbowl, Pocket Pond is one such game that offers a wonderful digital form of the latter that enables your real fish to get required respite.

However, the gentle ripples of the water will calm your kitty into a trance; however, you can add fish or buzzing dragonflies to drive her into attack mode. It is one of the most entertaining apps for your cats, so iOS user and android users both can download this app.

So, these are top 7 interesting tablet games for cats that allow you to have a lot fun with your cats. Apart from this, you can also download some best tablet games for your dogs, just click here. However, you can also get your desired gaming application, just Contact us for your game development.

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