Microsoft’s best and awaited new features in Windows Phone 8.1 is the ability to project the device’s screen to a secondary screen through wireless Miracast or wired USB technologies.

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Use USB Screen Projection

Have you heard about Microsoft’s Project My Screen application that is for your PC? If no, then you have missed a very interesting news because it is one such application that you need to install and run in your PC to share what’s on your Windows Phone 8.1 screen to your PC.

It is one of the most awaited features in the Windows Phone 8.1 as it gives an ability to project the handset to display to a secondary screen through wireless Miracast or wired USB technologies. And, it will be extremely useful for all those, who are looking to show their Windows Phone handset to others in real-time.

Before, it was quite difficult to play around with it, but Thanks to Microsoft’s Cliff Simpkins, who has provided a great guide on how to use it and troubleshoot any potential problems. To get complete guide on how to use the PC application to project your Windows Phone Screen, you can head-up to Cliff’s site.

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From the Microsoft Download Center, you just need to install the Project My Screen application and after it, it will be easy on how to get it working.

  • Firstly, users need to start the Project My Screen application on their PC, have to click in order to leave the default full-screen mode.
  • Using a data-transfer quality USB cable, users can connect their Windows Phone 8.1 device to their PC.
  • A prompt should ask no matter whether or not you want to share your screen.

So, this is it; however it is a preview for developers’ version of Windows Phone 8.1. hit up Cliff’s blog post to get detail information on how to remove old phone drivers. On that site, you can get complete step-by-step guidance on how to get up and running with your Windows Phone screen to your PC.

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