A Linux-based operating system, Tizen is going to make its space in Samsung device.

Replacing the Green Robot, Samsung gives a chance to Tizen OS by adding it into their smartdevices like tablets, phones, etc.


Tizen is a Linux-based operating system that used for various electronics devices like smart TVs, cameras. Mobile phones, tablets and so on. The name ‘Tizen’ has been connected with technology for long time and now, it is connected to the most passionate follower of mobile matters.

We have seen Google’s Android mobile platform has gone to the long ways since its inception. Within short time of six months, its device becomes the most excellent in the smartphone market – All thanks to the marketing strategies of Samsung. Samsung is one of the most profitable Android device makers that almost supplied nearly 1/3 of the smartphones sold globally.

Now, Samsung is looking for Tizen OS for its future device and most probably one free from Google`s authority. All is not running well in the Android operating system space. We are looking OEMs try to apply their own identity through their software skins, covers, and applications running on top of Android Operating system. However, on other side, Google has surged and become the leading operating system on smartphones.

Besides, a Pure Android experience is implemented by Google on its Nexus devices and special Google Editions of popular smartphones. With this, we clearly understand what Google wants to do with its own operating system. Its entire smartphone, phablet and tablet line are permeated by its TouchWiz skin. Moreover, the Korean juggernaut has obstinately used its experiences, applications and functionality and some replicates that what Google already delivers.

It is also said that Samsung’s TouchWiz applications deliver a unique personality and function to their Note and Tab device to make it different from what stock Android offers and Samsung users are used to. There is no surprise that other Android device manufacturers are going to copy Samsung’s TouchWiz look and feel to grab attention of more users.

We have seen Samsung’s excellence over smartphone devices and its factors. This leading company is creating remarkable panels and displays that make excellent touchscreens and other components like the RAM, the SSD storage, processors. The only missing components we found in Samsung device is its operating system or OS. Well, we also heard that Samsung is also working to it too.

Samsung has an obvious secret weapon, i.e. Bada OS and Tizen operating system against Google and other leading smartphone operating systems. Based on Linux-based operating system, it is not just for smartphones and tablets, but it fits to Samsung’s entire product ecosystem. Tizen has ability to deliver a unified core for running most of the devices like mobile, computing, home entertainment, and even automotive sectors.

As Tizen is in its early stages, Samsung and its partners are doing hard to deliver the best to the users. During last year’s first Tizen developer’s conference, Samsung pledged $4 million to the best applications as its OS requires apps and developers. Additionally, it also announces new devices during Mobile World Congress in coming month. It is heard that Samsung plans its way with Tizen, but the plan also promise to determine Google’s Android OS as an alternative.

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