There are a lot of Windows 8.1 applications on the web, but selecting feature-rich apps is not easily possible for you, so here I have listed top 24 Windows 8.1 apps that will give an incredible experience to you.

You can let us know if we miss any of the important app.


Top 24 Windows 8.1 Applications

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13. Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express Windows App

Are you looking for immediate fixes and image improvement app? Adobe Photoshop Express is a clear application that allows you to edit your pictures without any efforts. Just click the picture, edit it, share it and have a smile on your face. Through this application, you can have photo magic in your hands. It is completely fun to edit pictures on the go, so download this marvelous application! Download Click Here

14. Bejewelled Live:

Bejewelled Live Windows Application

Bejewelled Live is the most addictive game that is considered as one of the best time-burner game apps. This amazing gaming app allows you to play 10 levels as free trial, so you can try it. Being an equivalent to the Xbox Live version that is basically Bejeweled 3, the app has gained huge popularity in the market. Download Click Here

15. Box:

Box Windows Application

Box is a highly popular tool that can be used for collaborating on work files. Mainly, this app integrates with and Google Docs, allowing users share online “workspaces.” It also enables users to assign tasks, post comments and notify you. Users can get 5GB of free online synced storage with Box, and applications are obtainable for all the major mobile and desktop OSes. Download Click Here

16. Great British Chefs:

Great British Chefs Windows Application

Many of you all may think that Windows 8 doesn’t provide attractive apps, so Great British Chefs is answer to those people. This is one such application that is giving an appetizing look and dishes that you can cook getting huge help. From culinary luminaries, a lot of recipes like Nathan Outlaw, Tom Aikens and more are provided. Download Click Here

17. Ilomilo+:

IlomiloPlus Windows Application

Ilomilo is one such popular game that migrated from WP7 to Xbox Live and now to Window 8.1. This gaming application is the best game that you can enjoy with your friends and family members. Basically, the idea of this app is to reunite ilo and milo. It is highly clever and wonderfully presented application, so download it. Download Click Here

18. Fhotoroom:

Fhotoroom Windows Application

Fotoroom is the best photo-editing application that comes with a lot of options packed into its simple interface. This application’s basic edit category has various tools of cropping, resizing and rotating images and sliding scales can be used to change exposure value. There are various other options as well including the sharpen and the blur tools that can be tweaked. Moreover, there are lens flares as well and shadow categories, containing dozens of options. Download Click Here

19. Sim Trader:

Sim Trader Windows Application

Sim Trader is a low-cost application as it is like you got handed an imaginary $10,000, allowing you to purchase and sell shares with financial impunity, checking the progress of your portfolio. This application is mainly about visually attractive as an Excel spreadsheet, and clicking on news item throws you out of the application. Download Click Here

20. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy Windows Application

Not for profit organization, Khan Academy mainly aims to educate the world for free of cost. It is one of the recognizing apps that give access to 3200 teaching videos’ library. These videos are covering all the branches of sciences and maths, history, finance and economics. Download Click Here

21. IM+:

IM+ Instant Messenger windows Application

Are you doing instant messaging? IM+ has covered on your Windows tablet. This application supports all the chief messaging platforms like Hangouts, international favorites such as Yandex, Gadu-Gadu, Facebook Messaging, AIM and more. Download Click Here

22. Xbox SmartGlass:

Xbox One SmartGlass Windows Application

When it comes to talk about Xbox SmartGlass, it is well-known for turning a Windows 8 tablet into a touchscreen controller for the Xbox console, enabling people to access the non-gaming aspects of Microsoft’s console. Moreover, this app comes with tiles for the apps like LoveFilm, Sky, BBC iPlayer and more that you may installed on your Xbox. Download Click Here

23. Nook:

NOOK Books Windows Application

As we all know that Microsoft has invested in Nook, and finally it has been paid off in the form of Windows 8 application. There are lots of people, who prefer Nook to Amazon’s ereader ecosystem. However, the application’s interface is extremely wonderful and well-designed. Different font and navigation options that you are getting on the nook device itself are here. Download Click Here

24. USA Today:

USA TODAY Windows Application

As compare to various other news applications, USA Today is the best application that especially designed to provide rich and touch-friendly news. You can easily scroll through sections for Money, News, Sports, Tech, Travel, Life and more.

Each comes with buttons to call-up related pictures, videos and snapshots. At the top right side of the app, you can get local temperature and weather icons, and by clicking this, you can open a map and get ten-day or hourly temperature. Download Click Here

So, these are top 24 Windows 8.1 applications that you can download in your device to make your day-to-day life a lot easier and simpler. Moreover, you can also get your desired Windows 8.1 application as you just need to hire a professional Window 8.1 app developer.

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