In the month of April, there were lots of new Android applications have been launched , but selecting best ones is not easily possible, so this blog contains a list of 5 dynamic android apps of April 2016.


Top 5 Android Apps

It is a new month in the calendar and it’s time to look back on all the applications that were launched in the last month. We all know that April was one of the best months for application releases like some most-awaited apps, some were completely new, but lots of them were really wonderful in terms of features, functionalities and performance.

With lots of new applications, it is quite difficult for users to decide about the best ones, so here we have listed top 5 dynamic and highly popular Android apps of April 2016. Ensure that you check-out all the below mentioned applications:

Yahoo Screen: Free
In the later of April month, Yahoo Screen found it way in the market as it is one of the best apps that offer exclusive access to Saturday Night Live archives. Moreover, users of this app can watch clips from The Daily Show, The Onion, Colbert Report and South Park.

Yahoo Screen Android

Yahoo is also broadcasting it original content here. Currently, there is no Chromecast support for this app and it support only for US, but at least it’s free with hardly any ads. This application is bound to keep you entertained, if you are looking for some new shows to watch. Free
When it comes to application, it turns ones mobile phone into a language learning experience as this application is known for typing and pasting words to enrich your vocabulary with our dictionary. Along with the best translator of lots of languages, this application enables users to add words from their Android device or home web browser to their vocabulary collection to practice and master new tongues.

Mailbox: Free
Mailbox finally arrives for Android platform as everyone liked its most of the part because of its dynamic features. As compare to Gmail’s rather uninspired offering, this application’s UI is intuitive. It is one such app that makes use of Dropbox’s servers to check your email, so if you are uncomfortable with it, you will have to look anywhere else.

mailbox android app

Simply need a little change in your life, just go through this application. It is completely redesigned app that makes it a lot easier, light and fast. Users can instantly swipe messages to their archive or trash.

One of the best launched apps ‘IFTTT’ is the glue, which brings together the mind-boggling array of online services. Users can buy building recipes in the form of “if this” that users can develop all sorts of useful automatic actions. Moreover, it simply allows you to create powerful connections with one simple statement – if this then that.


Carousel: Free
Carousel is the new and advanced gallery application from Dropbox for your life’s memories. Being a single home for all your pictures and video, this application automatically organized and always with you app. Users of this app can swap and share pictures and videos instantly in private conversations.

However, users can also save the memories with their friends with one single tap. Moreover, this app automatically backs up pictures and videos to Dropbox as you take them, so all the memories are kept safe in one place.

So, these are five top and dynamic Android applications of the April month that android user should check-out and download in their device to enrich their experience. However, if you want to get any type of android application that equipped with your desired features, you can hire a professional android developer, who has enough expertise to handle your project.

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