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Go through this list and download excellent android games of February 2014 for your device.


Top 5 Paid Android Games of February 2014

So, you are looking for some coolest paid gaming application to gift your friends or family members? Google Play is now filled with a collection of paid android games that you can choose to gift your beloved person. Don’t waste your precious time; just read this post further to find some finest paid android gaming application of February 2014.

Marvel Run Jump Smash!
Download Marvel Run Jump Smash Game from Google Play...Marvel Run Jump Smash! is a power-pack game that offers a combination of amazing things like Smash of The Incredible Hulk, Fly of Iron Man, Run and Jump of Cap and Run and Gun of Super Spy Black Widow. Furthermore, you can simply unlock other superheroes to get more enjoyment. Playing this game, you have to fight with Super Villains to progress far. Player can boost their run b y collecting coins. So, cross multiple environments, play with friends and upgrade your character!

Toca Lab:
Download Toca Lab Game from Google Play...Toca Lab is one of the interesting educational games, teach kids to explore science. Along with having fun to experiment, kids can get curiosity to discover something new elements. Installing this application is just a starting point for further exploration. With this android application, you can simply place the element on ice with the cooling agents, warm up it in the Bunsen burner, and can do more things.

The Room Two:
Download The Room Two Game from Google Play...The Room Two, a sequel to ‘The Room’, is a mystery game, designed with a beautifully tactile 3D world. Its tactile experience is unforgettable; players can feel the surface of each object. While playing this puzzle game, you have to examine the intricate details of dozens of artifacts in order to find out the hidden secrets.

Download R-TYPE II Game from Google Play...R-Type II is one of the most interesting horizontal scrolling shooter arcade game. Developed and published by Irem, this game is the sequel to R-Type in which player controls a ship called the R-9C, an improved version of the R-9. This game comes with six levels and upgradeable to power-ups, weapons, and attachments to fight with enemies.

Colin McRae Rally:
Download Colin McRae Rally Game from Google Play...Colin McRae Rally is No. 1 Racing Game in 83 countries that provide the ultimate off-road racing game experience. Playing this game gives you experience of driving car through the dirt of the Australian outback, take on dramatic climbs through the mountains of Greece and get sideways on the tight and twisty roads of Corsica.

Above is hottest collection of top 5 paid android gaming applications available at Google Play Store. If you want to more custom android games to download in your device, simply follow here…

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