Are you looking to download top paid iPhone and iPad apps of July 2014?

If yes, you are at perfect place as here you can find a list of top paid applications for your iPhone and iPad and can easily download those apps to have huge fun.


top 5 paid apps

Today, most of the people worldwide are depended on their devices to perform their day-to-day task of business. Especially when it comes to businesses, they are relying on iPhone and iPad to make their business meetings successful as Apple’s app store is loaded with extensive collection of applications.

Every month, there are thousands of new applications launched in the market. You can find both types of applications like paid and free; however, not all free applications are useful as some free apps have bugs that can make your iPhone and iPad slow.

So, it is essential to download only best paid applications for your iPad and iPhone so that you can make your daily work a lot easier and have lots of fun. If you are looking to download top paid iPhone and iPad applications, you can go through this blog and check a list of paid apps:

SkySafari 4:
SkySafari 4 is the next generation award-winning astronomy application that has everything you need to get started learning the night sky: 120000 stars, over 200 star clisters, galaxies, nebulae and all other major planets and moons, satellites, comets and more.

This is one application that allows you to discover a little bit more about what’s going on outside of our own planet. Moreover, this application is well-known for making the whole process of touring space and the solar system even more charming.

Actions for iPad:
Actions for iPad transform your device in a smart as well as customizable controller for your Mac or PC. This application is known for transfiguring the maxims of computer interaction.
Through this high-end application, users can drop the un-effective experience of navigating menus and learn something very new and unique shortcuts touch their workflow and keep their focus on their task.

Filterloop Pro:
When it comes to Filterloop application, it has everything that you are looking for developing stunning pictures while keeping the interface simple and uncluttered. This exclusive hand-picked selected filters and analog film effects giving application is your new photo editing tool that allows you to edit your all the pictures the way you want and share it with your friends, dear and near ones.

Pocket Drive +:
Now, transferring your files to your iPhone and iPad becomes a lot easier and you can access those files anytime and anywhere with Pocket Drive + application.

With this built-in ZIP archiver, MP3 player, web file downloader and photo viewer, this application makes it simple yet effective for you to manage files on your devices the way you were managing them on your PC. So, all the iPhone and iPad users can download this application to manage their everyday tasks hassle-freely.

Another most popular and comprehensive range of features carried application ‘Swipesight’ is a photo editor, which comes with numerous filters like the ones that you have already seen in a million other iOS photo editors, but in this app, there is a twist.

By using this application, you can browse different photos and apply filter to all of them and then save all those pictures that you liked. Moreover, you can also share pictures that you filtered and got lots of comments from your friends.

So, these are top paid iPhone and iPad applications that users can download in their device to have some fun with their friends, relatives and dear ones. Moreover, they can also get desired iPhone application as they can hire a professional iPhone developer from any trusted mobile app development company.

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