With high-end PhoneGap development tools, you can make your task of developing cross-platform apps a lot easier, but make sure you make use of right tools.

In this blog, I have listed top 5 PhoneGap tools that can ease your work, so go through it!


5 PhoneGap Development Tools

From past several years, PhoneGap has caught the attention of various people worldwide as it is an open-source framework that allows people to develop cross-platform applications for smart-phones. Making use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, developers can easily develop innovative yet rich quality mobile applications that run smoothly on different mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and more.

Being a perfect framework for developers, PhoneGap allows them to start with mobile app development and leverage their existing skills on a common platform instead of a device-specific complied language. It is highly recommended framework for people, who are interested in developing a code base that is compatible with multiple devices. The best thing about this framework is its range of tools that can ease your work of developers, so let’s have a look at its top 5 tools:


Ubertesters is the best mobile app testing tool that connects the power of a platform within the ease to navigate and operate web and mobile tool. Developers can make use of this tool to submit and edit bugs directly from their device and see the reports and manage revisions of their PhoneGap application. However, developers do not require any special training – just get up and run in minutes.


ViziApps is the best PhoneGap tool that based on Cordova and jQuery. Allowing users to develop high-end cross-platform mobile applications, the tool offers access to native device features. Users of this tool can design a touch UI experience with the help of using WYSIWYG tool right from your browser.

You are also allowed to combine your application to backend data sources like Intuit, Google spreadsheets,, SQL databases, REST APIs and more. You can also test your application instantly from your browser from real phones and tablets.


When it comes to HelpStack SDK, it offers customer support by allowing customers to report problems from within the application and have applicable tickets developed for each. The articles based on knowledge can be entrenched easily within the application.

This is one such tool that helps developers to heap the positive customer reviews and offer a good support experience. So, developers can easily make use of this tool and get huge help.


A simple yet effective library ‘SocialGap’ is intended to ease the integration of PhoneGap hybrid mobile applications with social networks. As it is a modular, so it can be easily extended and reduce overhead since you import only the modules that you need. Whose APIs use the oAutho authentication protocol; this tool can simplify the integration of PhoneGap hybrid mobile apps with social networks.


GapDebug is the most powerful mobile debugging tool that known for filling the gap between left by other debugging options. The tool enables debugging of hybrid mobile applications like Cordova & PhoneGap, on modern iOS and Android devices. For all local debugging, this tool is obtainable free of cost. Make use of this high-end tool and simply fill the gap between left by other debugging options.

So, these are the top 5 PhoneGap development tools that can make your work a lot easier and simpler. Making use of these tools can decrease or ease your work and help developing high-end PhoneGap application. To get an assistant from professional PhoneGap developers, you can click and get a perfect solution for any of your queries.

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