Now, you can easily download top free, paid and widely used Windows Phone applications as this blog contains some best applications that every Windows Phone user should download to make their experience exceptional.


Most Popular Windows Phone Apps  Games

Today, Microsoft’s Windows Phone store is getting more and more applications as lots of developers are trying their hands to make some astonishing applications for Windows Phone.

You can see that many new applications are coming in on a weekly basis, and each application has its own features and benefits to offer, so Windows Phone users should check-out which new applications has been launched in this week.

No matter whether you want a free, paid or most trending application for your device, here I have listed top free, paid and most popular applications and games of Windows Phone, so have a look:

Adobe Photoshop Express –

WindowsPhone Download

Adobe Photoshop Express is the most awaited application that finally arrived to Microsoft’s hard-pressed mobile phone OS. We can say that it is a remarkable development as it is the most popular brand that has seen huge success on iOS and Android platform.

Now, the application is ready to provide some photo editing life to the Windows Phone App store. This all new application for Windows Phone comes with lots of exclusive features, including crop, straighten, and rotate, one-touch adjustment for brightness, shadows and exposure.

Comedy Central –

WindowsPhone Download

Earlier this week, Comedy Central made its way to Windows Phone platform, so users of this application can see the latest episodes of their favorite shows like Sought Park, The Daily Show and more. The best thing about this application is that it is obtainable for free of cost.

So, if you are big fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report and many more, this is the must have application for you as it helps you to never miss any single episode.

The Weather Channel –

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When it comes to The Weather Channel application, it gives huge power in users’ hands as it comes with loads of features to give an incredible experience. We can say that it is the best weather experience for all the Windows Phone users as this application provides accurate information in a new way through augmented reality.

Users just simply hold to their phone and scan the horizon for user photos, which were posted nearby you. So, Windows Phone users can download this must having application and have huge fun.

Eventacular –

WindowsPhone Download

One of the best applications for your event ‘Eventacular’ allows you to add events to the app and count-down elegantly. Users of this application can set reminders, customize the event as they want, add voice reminders and add multiple events as well. Moreover, users can also count-down events no matter whether it is anniversary, birthday or any special event. It also provides supports for custom backgrounds that can be set from you camera roll.

So, these are the top free, paid and most popular Windows Phone applications that every Windows Phone user can use and enjoy lots of features. Moreover, they can also get their desired application as per their requirements, but they just need to hire an expert Windows Phone developer, who has special expertise in the industry.

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