Do you want to uninstall the Windows 8.1 Modern UI from your device?

Read this post and go through some effective tips (with pictures) of removing Windows 8.1 Modern UI.


Windows Phone 8.1

Windows 8.1 with Metro interface create an excellent sense on touch-enabled devices; however, it fails to create its impact on a traditional computer. Users are facing difficulty with Windows 8 and it would be harder for them to access computer with the hot corners, Start screen, app switcher bar and other related elements of the touch interface.

On other side, Windows 8.1 comes with an enhanced features and functionality that help uses to boot directly to desktop version by staying away from Metro elements. If you want to switch the traditional desktop, then here we are going to some effective tweaks.

Switch to the Start Menu


Microsoft cared to users and listen complain about the lack a Start button in Windows 8. User will find a start button that will take them to the new Start screen. You might prefer having the whole menu that available in previous versions. There are many ways to switch the previous versions, either by free or to spend US$5 for Start8. It would be great to use free version and enjoy Classic Shell that deliver collection of customization features.

Remove Metro UI elements and Stay on Traditional Desktop


Firstly, you have to remove all your Metro out of the way with its new settings. For that, you have to Right-click the taskbar, click Properties and choose the Navigation tab that available in the resulting screen. Here, you have majority of options of annoying Metro features that pop up. Disable the app switcher bar, hot corners and boot directly to the desktop.

Uninstall unused apps


Uninstalling the pre-installed Windows 8.1 apps is an excellent idea as you have to focus on the desktop. One of the best things about Windows 8.1 is it allows to uninstall multiple application at one time. To uninstall unused application, you have to Right-click on the Start screen, then click Customize and check apps that you want to uninstall.

Run Metro apps on the desktop


Check out ModernMix from Stardock, if you want to access some of the Metro application while working on desktop. This allows you to use modern Windows 8 apps on your desktop in resizable windows without any hassle. Accessing modern Windows 8 apps like any other desktop program is better than launching a Metro app

Allows Files open in Desktop Apps rather than in Metro


It is sure that your videos, pictures, music and PDF files open in Metro-style apps. In order to avoid this, you just have to click to Settings and change file associations.


No matter you are upgrading to Windows 8.1 from a previous version or getting a brand new computer, the touch-optimized Metro-style interface will take some time to be used to. More control is given by the upgraded 8.1 for keeping you on the desktop which is not as bad as Windows 8.1. Hopefully, these tips are helpful for you to stay aware from the Windows 8.1 modern UI.

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