The Game Developers Conference 2014 kicks off with the great collection of iOS and Android games.

We know everyone is excited to know about everything happed in this event.

So, we have highlighting the games of GDC in this post. Check out and have fun!!


Games Announced in GDC 2014

GDC stands for Game Developers Conference is one of the longest running professionals-only game industry events of the world. It is expected that about 23,000 game developers and executives are participating in this conference across the globe. In this event, Carless and other GDC 2014 organizers that added an advocacy advisory committee made up of game designers are hoping for the examinations of misogyny, racism, and homophobia in games that help the industry’s continued fight for wider cultural legitimacy. This event brings some of the commendable games for its players. Let’s see what they are:

Android Games:
Google Play Store enjoys uncountable number of games and many more are on the ways. According to Google’s GDC announcement, there are many games introducing at Google Play Store at the end of this games. The list of games is as follows:

  • Dungeon Link: Looking for true puzzle mechanic of Flow? Dungeon Link is game from Gamevil launched at GDC 2014. Being an interesting game, Dungeon Link represents different color of character you’ve chosen with each of their attributes, abilities and gear. This game will be available around Q3 this year.
  • Zenonia Online: Zenonia Online is an action game, available with a whole layer of massively multiplayer mechanics. This game is available in Korea, but release globally sometime this year.
  • Game gifts Categories: The latest categories launched by Google named, ‘game gifts’ that update SDK and more to Google Play Games. These categories is sorted and updated by Unity plug-in, the C++ SDK, and Google Play Games Services for iOS multiplayer fun.
  • Running Shadow: It is an interesting android game borrows a lot of the standard elements from the 3D endless runners. This game launches this Spring as a free-to-play title.

iOS Games:
iOS is not behind than Android. It also has list of hottest games that makes their space in Apple Store. Check out the upcoming games:

  • Sigils: Battle for Raios: Sproing, an Austrian developer and Gameforge, a publisher will introduces a multiplayer online battle arena game for tablets that better known as Sigils: Battle for Raios. This game is free to play game that comes with leaderboards, matchmaking, and PvP or PvE play options.
  • Monument Valley: Monument Valley is another finest game, launched for iOS in two weeks and coming to Android shortly thereafter. It cost about $4. If you want to know more about this game, visit
  • Sky Story: Sky Story is another upcoming game Crescent Moon showed us at GDC 2014. This game has a beautifully-rendered 3D platformer with some good old-fashioned top-down combat. This game hits in App Store about a year for $4.99.
  • Exiles: It has a fresh concept, created by Crescent Moon. It is one of the freshest sci-fi role-playing games that launches this summer for $6.99. Players will enjoy excellent graphics like the well-known Avalon series with this game.
  • The Deer God: The Deer God from Crescent Moon Games is another game developed on the concept of a poor life as a hunter and as the laws of karma dictate. This game will launch sometime in this year, but the price is not yet disclosed.

No particular category was targeted to develop games. Players will find every categories of game in this Game Developers Conference. Stay tune with us and get instant news about GDC 2014.

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