One of the most powerful Weather apps ‘Vieather’ finally makes its way towards Windows Phone 8 platform, so users of this platform can download this application to get detail weather information.

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Vieather App Lands-on Windowsphone

Finally, all new and wonderful weather application ‘Vieather’ lands on Windows Phone 8 platform that brings a Modern UI weather experience to Windows Phone 8 users. This is one of the best weather applications obtainable as it offers great information to users that they are looking for.

Without some key WP 8 features, it is just wasn’t to par with the bog dos, but it has been updated to support Windows Phone 8. The application offers all those features that would like to on one screen with Modern UI Design with more personalize features including metric, accent color, date time format, languages and many more data as compare to the Weather Channel and

The best thing about this application is that its presentation of offering information on weather is completely impressive, so all the users of WP8 can download this application to get weather information in a unique way.

When it comes to some most welcomed changes of this application, it supports for up to 1080 displays. Moreover, the annoying black bar has been defeated. The forecast design of this application has been updated from a line graph to a bar graph. Further, the app got an excellent visual touch and it is quite faster now that it supports Windows Phone 8 platform.

However, there are some other features as well that are already obtainable in Vieather application including personalized accent color, metric, 12 hours forecasts, live tiles, current condition, 7 days forecasts, hourly format and more.

Being a lightweight and beautiful weather app, Vieather application has gained tremendous success in the market with its exceptional design. If you have decided to download this app to get a clean and easy way to get weather forecast reports, you can click here.

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About Windows Phone 8 Platform:-

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