Recently, it comes to know that Waze Windows Phone 8 application got the update, and it confirms that the application comes with battery improvements.

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Waza Apps in Windows Phone

One of the most popular applications ‘Waze’ for Windows Phone 8 has got a new update that fixes a few bugs and improved battery life as well. The application update has bumped the version number to

Waze is a great application that allows you to join forces with other drivers nearby to outsmart traffic. Users can save their time, gas money and enhance everyone’s daily commute. However, this application is also actively reporting hazards, accidents, police and other events that you can see on the road.

Being a free and widely used application, Waze already has more than 998000 reviews on the android platform and 140000+ reviews on iOS. Currently, this application provides Microsoft’s mobile platform one of the best tools for those people, who are looking for the best route during a trip. Let’s have a look on some features of this app:

  • Community contributed road alerts such as police traps, accidents, road closures, hazards and more.
  • Knows your frequent destinations, commuting hours and preferred routes.
  • Ear points and move-up the ranks in your community as you contributed road information.
  • Live routing that based on community generated, road-info and real-time traffic
  • Get the affordable gas station information along your route.
  • Live maps, constantly editing and updating by Waze community map editors
  • Automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change
  • One can also notify someone that he/she is on the way by sending a live ETA and a link that shows you as you are driving.

So, these are some of the great features of Waze application that allow every user to get a wonderful user-experience. This application is considered to be a community-driven app as it differs from regular GPS navigation app by relying on user feedback for traffic, travel times, accidents and more. Waze is a fanatic service with around 50 million users worldwide. To download this application for your Windows Phone 8 platform, you can CLICK ON BELOW DOWNLOAD IMAGE.

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