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In this post, we have listed some top apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone users with their download link. Check out and get it now.


Best Of Week

Good news for mobile users as list of amazing applications for android, iPhone, iPad and Windows are released. In this post, we are going to feature latest applications that were launched in the Google Play Store over the past week. In this post, you will find best free as well as paid application of the week.

Android Applications of the Week:


Transferring files is not easy, one can have to choose real options to use cloud storage, or even, one can have to share files with a torrent file. With this application, WeTransfer, one can easily send up to 10GB in size for free. Users just have to require an email address. Moreover, one can also share files from anywhere they want to by hitting the share button.

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Snap Clap:

Snap Clap mobile application turns your mobile into your personal photographer. After downloading, you just have to place your mobile device whenever you want to, join your friends and clap hands. Users can take pictures with back as well front camera and set pictures with timer as well.

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EndlessJabber SMS ↔ PC/Tablet

EndlessJabber allows you to text from your computer and tablet to your friends and family members, just like you are doing from your smart device. EndlessJabber uses the current Android phone number and is connected with your device.

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Cabin is a family oriented app, creating personal network among family members that let them assign reminders, chat with their loved ones, create events calendars, track locations, share photos and clips and so on to stay connected.

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iPhone Applications of the Week:


Foodmento is must have application for those people, who want to try a new dish every day. One can connect with people by organizing and sharing the best dishes around the globe. Foodmento’s simple and sleek interface delivers comprehensive access to a visual culinary collective. Foodmento app has more than 15,000 dishes in 40+ cities worldwide. So go and get it.

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DSTRUX helps you to control the stuff that you have shared on the web. This application allows you to set self-destruct timers. Downloading this application allows you to control your digital belongings on the web.

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GetTaxi – The Taxi Booking App:

Download this application and request a taxi by just tapping your phone. You can have your rode arrive in real time and rent can be paid with your credit card via your phone.

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Rankor enables you to track world games that you have played against your rivals and friends. Even, you can also get to know about your ranking in different competitions like Super Smash Bros., badminton, cribbage, table tennis, beer pong, and more. You can have your player rating on the basis of your performance for each game type.

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iPad Applications of the Week:

BBC CBeebies Storytime:

BBC CBeebies Storytime has interesting and fun-loving stories that designed to support early years reading. Readers can also have entertaining things to touch, swipe and play within every store they read. Even, they have questions that help them to develop comprehension skills.

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Superhero Workout:

Superhero Workout application helps to count every rep and every calorie of every exercise. It is an only application that can be used with device’s front-facing camera for tracking reps and calories. So, get ready to prepare yourself for a brand new workout with this interactive application.

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Collins Bird Guide – The Ultimate Field Guide for Britain & Europe:

The Collins Bird Guide App is an excellent guide that teaches you about species through exceptional illustrations, maps, calls and concise text. To know more information about particular species, you can use the powerful search filter and curated confusion lists.

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Elevate – Brain Training:

Elevate application is best for those people, who are looking for brain training program. This application is designed with an aim to improve focus, speaking skills, processing speed, memory, math skills, and more. Each downloader get personalized training program that can be adjusted according to the needs.

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Windows Applications of the Week:


TouchRetouch is one of the best and my personal favorite photo editor application that allows removing unwanted content or objects from any photo by just using fingers and phone. For removing any item from photos, you just have to mark an item and hit ‘Go’. With this application, you can have in-app video tutorials, Smart image background recovery techniques and so on.

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A real life dating events from Original Dating is powered by Mixeo application. Users can download this application to view and book tickets for our events, track of who you met on the night and so on. Next day, you will get recommendation of your partner and allows them to send messages through application.

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Appy Weather:

A unique and intuitive card interface is boasted by Appy Weather that shows weather forecast for next seven days in familiar language. With this application, users can also have various live tile alternatives, severe weather alerts, rain and snow toast notifications, and even, one can add many locations they want to.

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CoPilot™ GPS:

Want to explore free offline maps, route planning and directions? Download CoPilot GPS and get ready to explore maps, direction and routes for free.

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These are some excellent and latest mobile applications that released on August. If you want to load your device with these apps then download now.

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