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Windows 10 Build 10114 Introduces

As we all know that Microsoft’s Windows 10 is on the way towards its official launch later this year. However, the latest release build 10114 is the proof that the upcoming OS has been developed very nicely and carefully.

The company introduces a lot of changes and improvements to the all the new unreleased version of the operating system that will soon studs its legs in the market.

The Windows 10 build 10114 that is another partner build from winmain_prs channel has been appeared in a new video published on YouTube highlighting enhancements in the Start Menu, a new overhauled Insider Hub application and Settings application.

Let’s have a look at the new changes in Windows 10 build 10114:


Since Windows 10 build 10108, the Settings application appears unchanged. The complete settings are appearing centered, but users will notice that Devices is featuring a new icon that appears more suitable.

Setting Windows 10

The slider that can be used to change settings and control the system volume has been updated in the Windows 10 build 10114.

slider settings windows10

Start Menu

When it comes to talking about the Start Menu in this suppressed version of Windows 10 preview, it displays different changes that Microsoft has unveiled at the Build and Ignite conference.

While Build conference, the company displayed numerous changes in Windows 10 build 10072, 10105 and 10110, and at the time of Ignite conference, build 10072, 10074 and 10107.

However, it doesn’t mean that that the company is looking forward to including all the changes that Microsoft is planning for its OS. In build 10114, users can also notice that the company is relocating File Explorer and Settings links above the Power options and every single link features right icon.

Recently Added applications’ list also looks below the Most used app list.


It is worth to note that the company is saying that the Recently Added list will become the “Suggested” list over time that will highlight applications that you have not tried from the Windows Store.

We can also noticed that the Microsoft is removing the full-screen button that is situated in the top-right corner of the Start Menu.

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The biggest software giant is preferring to move this particular setting to the Personalization area. Users will notice a new Start area to customize the menu while opening the setting app and going to personalization.

The all new Start area comes with two different sections, comprising “Customize List” and “Start Behaviors”. When it comes to customize list, it includes all the settings that means they are currently unavailable. Once they displays in a public preview, we might be able to change them.

Users can find the below mentioned configuration options in the first section:

  • Store & Display opened programs in Start
  • Sometimes show apps and content suggestions in the Start Menu
  • Display the recently added apps groups

Finally, the company will also give users more control on how the OS is promoting applications from the Store and how the apps that are installed already surface into the Start Menu.

While the Start Behaviors is such thing where things become more interesting. It is one such section where users can configure the Start menu into full-screen mode.

It contains two options:

  • Store & Display opened items in the Start and the taskbar
  • Utilize full-screen Start when in the desktop

Store Display windows 10

Users will see bigger tiles that is a welcome tweak as it can make easy for touch-enabled devices once the Start menu goes into full-screen mode. In addition to this, the Start menu’s full-screen version features Live Tiles.

Now, the company is looking forward to including a new hamburger button that will be located on the top-left corner of the screen in order to access the “Most recent” list, Settings, All Apps, File Explorer and Power options.


However, if you are looking for the changes on Cortana, unfortunately, your wish did not came true. In the upcoming Windows 10 build 10114, Cortana appars unchanged; however, it comes with all the new UI enhancements we have already seen in Windows 10 build 10074.

Well, there is one news that many more tweaks are about to come to Cortana. Earlier, we have already seen that the company is planning to add a new mini version of the digital assistant along with the dark background, which displays whenever users raise the “Hey Cortana” command.

So, these are the changes and improvements that have been noticed in the upcoming Windows 10. Build 10114 gives huge huge about the improvements that we might be start seeing in upcoming public releases.

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