commas-leftWe all know that recently Microsoft has announced Windows 10 that comes with an exclusive range of features. In this infographic, you can find top 10 features that you must check-out, so go through this infographic and share your views by commenting below!commas-right

Recently, Microsoft has launched the newest version of Windows that comes with a comprehensive range of features to impress users. Beyond-business related features, this time the company has added various amazing features that you can check-out in this infographic!

Windows 10 Features That Will Amaze You

1 Cortana comes to the PC

With Windows, Microsoft brings Cortana to the PC, so users will be able to access it through a search bar next to the Windows logo in the taskbar.

2 Project Spartan Browser

Microsoft also introduced Project Spartan that comes with an exclusive range of features including PDF support, a reading mode that enhances the layout of long articles and a new note taking feature.

3 Come-back of Start Menu

Finally, the company brings its old Start Menu back, so whenever you will click on the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, you can get two panels side by side with the left column showing most-used, recently and pinned apps!

4 21st Century’s The Command Prompt

You know that The Command Prompt is getting keyboard shortcuts? Now you will be able to paste in your commands that is hardly groundbreaking, but it is exciting.

5 Enhancements to Windows Explorer

In Windows Explorer, there is a new home location. Also, there is a Share button on the Windows Explorer taskbar.

6 Xbox App

Now, users will be able to play any Xbox One game on their PC or tablet as Xbox app for Windows 10 is coming. The all new OS will support Xbox game streaming with enhanced speed and graphics!

7 Enhanced Multi-tasking

Now, a new multiple desktop feature is also there that allows you to run another set of Windows as if on another screen; however without any physical monitor!

8 Modern Apps Displaying on the Desktop

The all new Universal apps are working on the desktop and display in their own Windows. The company wanted to ostracize the separation between the Modern UI and the Desktop.

9 Unified Settings

Now there is no need of having two apps to control your device settings in Control Panel and PC settings as Microsoft has made things a lot easier by introducing them together in one!

10 Notifications To Get a Makeover

Now, make yourself ready as you can notice a some of the notifications getting prominent placement. Rumors are also there in the market that Windows 10 will also have a full notification center upon release.

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