No doubt that Windows Phone 8.1 update got huge popularity in the market, but Microsoft needs to include some exclusive features in Windows Phone 10 from other Oses to improve the OS without any serious efforts.

Go through this blog and find which things WP10 should adopt from other Oses.


Windows Phone 10 Should Adopt

A Windows Phone 8.1 update is hugely popularized as the update brings many required features into the OS and makes the OS mature. However, the update has also removed some required features as well like Pictures Panorama, Media Hub and more.

It is also true that the company requires a new no holds barred update that enhances the OS without removing much. Below you can find some things that Windows Phone 10 should adopt from other OSes to do well in the market:

A Notification Centre That is Not so Fundamental:


It is true that Windows Phone’s notification centre is basic as it only gathers toast notifications sent by applications and does not offer expandable previews or anything more than the parts of the toast that you have already experienced. For instance: a text toast is showing “James says: hello, let’s go down to the…”If it is first notification center ever, then it will be acceptable, but it is not.

To crib from (HTC, Sense and Touchwiz), Microsoft has had a lot of implementations, and truly it ran out of time when Windows Phone 8 shipped. They should improve the current notification centre by including interactivity and actionability to the items in the Action Centre and make it as helpful as the old Me Tile’s interactive notifications.

The BlackBerry Hub:


One will think that the Microsoft will follow up on its initial concept that has had hubs for a long time. Unluckily, it was BlackBerry, who took this to the high-level.

In BB10, the hub is a place where all your notifications and messages are live. That is the place where WhatsApp, BBM, Viber, Skype and more have their inboxes linked to. Microsoft must implement this in its OS by expanding the messages’ hub to include all messaging apps.

An Excellent Smoothness (iOS):

Apple’s iOS is an excellent OS that offers great amount of smoothness, so Microsoft should also speed-up the OS so that it works without lag on the lowest spec device that they have.

Users only wanted to use perfectly smooth UI, which stays out of your way without driving you nuts. No more blank tiles, no more resuming screens and all.

Best Music Experience (Windows Phone 7/iOS):


Well, there is no need to say anything as millions of words used even the most blazing Microsoft Fanboy should realize that there is a problem while reading the latest reviews.

Thus, these are the main things that Windows Phone 10 should adopt from other Oses to give an incredible user experience.

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