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Windows Phone 8.1 Brings Improved

Things are getting a little complicated when we are playing video on Windows Phone, especially YouTube. This article doesn’t have whole story of Google-Microsoft tiff over an official app; however, it has some details about Microsoft that worked hard on HTML5 video capability of Windows Phone 8.1.

Some discussions were done with Microsoft Program Manager, who worked on the IE 11 HTML5 audio/video features like all the details of the modifications. Once, people will get to know about HTML5 video capability, they will get more excited to use 8.1 bits in the coming weeks.

Users can have features like an upgraded browser, Internet Explorer 11 in their Windows Phone 8.1 that comes with significant amount of improved video playback. They will also see the impact of third party YouTube apps for more advanced tasks. However, a new video player will deliver playback experience in the browser akin to the desktop. Have a glance to see some improvements:

IE11_inline_video 1

Check out some Internet Explorer 11 HTML5 video and audio capabilities

  • Audio and Video playback behind the lock screen

Now, users can easily play video after locking the screen. It can be done with sites like Grooveshark ( But, if you want to minimize the application, your video will pause.

  • Universal Volume Control Integration

Just like above features, you can easily access to the video/audio controls when you are on the Lock screen for playback. Users can also switch songs on a site like Grooveshark without unlocking device.

  • Inline Video and Full Screen Video Playback

One can easily play videos embedded in websites directly without “blowing up” to full screen. It allows users to read and explore site along by continuing video. Such things are must for sites like YouTube or CNN, where checking out comments and details could be advantageous.

On other side, the full screen button can be tapped by users to regain that experience and site and content providers can easily make full screen playback by default.

  • New Controls

If you switch tasks/apps then you will find that video will pause and keep their place. Before that, your position was lost. Scrubbing is another highly requested features that you will find along with users can also slide to a particular in the video with an ease.

New Controls

Wrapping text:

We have noted an improvement in the video and audio playback experience on 8.1. Accessing device provides an experience of using full Internet Explore to view media just like sitting at your desktop. The growing co-development of Windows and Phone is enhanced and strengthen by this and brings more popularity towards Windows Phone 8.1.

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