Day-by-day, Windows Phone 8 is getting lots of popularity in the market due to its exhilarating features.

If you are looking to get an application that based on Windows Phone 8, you should hire Windows Phone 8 developer, who has hands-on experience in the mobile apps development industry


Windows Phone 8

Today, Windows Phone 8 is one of the most popular and widely used mobile operating systems because of its innovative features and exceptional functionalities. The OS is giving very sturdy competition to other popular mobile operating systems including iOS, BlackBerry, Android, Palm, Bada and many more.

Across the world, lots of people are fond of this OS as it makes their life easy and hassle-free than before by allowing them to carry-out their personal and professional tasks. Users of this OS can get numerous applications that based on WP8 and get lots of benefits like sending/receiving emails, performing banking transactions, carry-out their business meetings, attend conferences without having their laptops, save their lots of files and data and more.

Windows users can hire Windows Phone 8 app developer to get their desired application no matter whether they are looking for business app, education app, finance app or other gaming app. Along with it, users, who love to play games in their device, can get wonderful games and play numerous games with their friends, family members and relatives.

Developers can make use of different APIs that can help them in developing different types of applications for the phone. However, it also makes sure but the development team that the system looks very similar to the Windows on computers.

Get Started Developing Windows Phone 8 Apps

Mobile app developers can easily develop numerous applications that based on Windows Phone 8 platform, but they need to get started carefully by having essential tools and technologies. Developers need to download Windows SDK (software development kit) that comes with necessary APIs and resource files.

Developers can also get huge help and support documents in the SDK that comprise with some sample applications and emulators for testing and debugging without having to connect with actual phone. If Windows Phone app developer has decided to use the emulator, he also needs ActiveSync that works as a kind of interface which is helpful to load developed applications from visual studio into the emulator or device.

The entire process of developing application is extremely easy for all those people, who know how to use visual studio. They just need to select new project on the file menu and have to select “Smart Device” in the project type. Developers can also click on the smart device project on the right templates pane and can select “Device Application” in the pop-up Smart Device Project windows.

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